Somewhere around the corner, just beyond the edge of perception, lies a world you never dreamed existed: A world where creatures of ancient myth and gods long thought dead walk unnoticed along the crowded streets of Manhattan. Where ladies of Faerie dance the nights away. Where every shadow holds a secret, and every secret has a price.
Welcome to the World of Aria.

Aria follows the adventures of Lady Kildare, a faerie princess living in Greenwich Village, and her strange circle of immortal friends.
Combining sumptuous illustrations, deeply realized characters and deftly paced narrative, Aria is an unforgettable fairy tale for grown-ups.

Written by Brian Holguin, Artwork by Jay Anacleto, David Yardin, Lan Medina.

ARIA: Preview + first miniseries
ARIA/Angela: Heavenly Creatures
ARIA: Midwinter's Dream & Summer Spell
ARIA: Soul Market
ARIA: Uses of Enchantment

ARIA pinups, posters, promo's and other miscellaneous pics

headshot of Lady Kildare

Kildare in eveningdress

Kildare by Raymond Lee

dragonesque poster (big)

dragonesque poster

ARIA artprint

ARIA SketchbookArt by Jay Anacleto


cvr pencils




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