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Created by Daniel Brereton, the Nocturnals are a group of beings who live in the darkness of our world, avoiding daylight. Led by Doc Horror, a refugee from another dimension who fled to this one with his daughter Evening (Halloween Girl) when his own world was invaded, the Nocturnals combine horror with film noir gangster stories. The gang first appeared in a mini series "The Nocturnals: Black Planet" from Bravura / Malibu in 1995 (those 6 issues were reprinted by ONI Press as a graphic novel), then returned in the special oneshots "Nocturnals: Witching Hour" from Dark Horse in 1998, and "Nocturnals: Troll Bridge" from ONI Press in 2000. Most recently (2001) they have been seen in "Nocturnals: The Dark Forever" and "Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom", both 3-issue-miniseries. In 2004 Daniel Brereton joined Green Ronin with an amazing idea: to create both a guide for the Nocturnals (with bio's on every character) and an RPG-department to boot...Dan also provided an extra Nocturnals-story introducing a new bad guy. This hardcover is extremely welcomed with both fans of RolePlayingGames and Nocturnals-fans alike...The Midnight Companion!!

From top left to right: Firelion, Raccoon, Polychrome, the Gunwitch, Komodo, Halloween Girl, Doc Horror and Starfish.

»Nocturnals 'Black Planet' (by Dan Brereton): 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5, 6, TPB
Doc Horror knows there are sinister forces at work trying to bring the downfall of the human race. They have already ravaged his home planet, and now he has traveled to Earth to try and stop them once and for all. Once here, however, he finds that this world's inhabitants aren't all sweetness and light themselves. Some of them are busy creating freakish mutations out of their fellow man, and others are helping the invaders in their quest for domination. An outcast, Doc Horror is forced to live by the dark of night, and there he finds compatriots who must also shun the light of day. Polychrome, The Gunwitch, Starfish, Firelion, Komodo, and The Raccoon have all their share of knocks from humanity, but they want to save their homeworld anyway, and they don't care how many monsters stand in their way.

»Nocturnals 'Dark Forever' 1, 1 con edition, 2, 3, TPB
The Nocturnals are back in Pacific City to find their home steeped in dread. A new dark star has appeared in the night sky, and the walking dead are roaming the streets, looking for victims to recruit in their army of unholy flesh. It makes for a strange homecoming for the heroic Nocturnals, who have been wandering the world on separate quests. As the one-man demolition squad, Firelion, and the troubled and dangerous Starfish roll into town, they begin to free their neighborhood of the creeping death while searching for the evil that is causing corpses to rise. Could it have something to do with the ancient, underground cavern that Doc Horror has been exploring? Does the nefarious secret lie behind the massive door he'd found buried in the rocks below the surface? It's all-out terror and hardboiled action as the gang regroup for a mission that will unveil subterranean mysteries and a primordial legacy of inhuman darkness that's been stirring beneath the depths. With the precocious Halloween Girl, the deadly Gunwitch, the enigmatic Polychrome, and the devious Raccoon-our spooky pulp heroes are back together! Cloaked in shadow, the Nocturnals protect us in the dead of night, when no one else would dare.

Interior previews: 1, 2, 3

»Nocturnals 'Troll Bridge'
Halloween Girl gets spirited away by the naughty devil lantern, and the rest of the Nocturnals have to chase her from dimension to weird dimension to try to bring her home.

»Nocturnals 'Witching Hour'
Starring Halloween Girl. Her trick-or-treating greed leads her to a dilapidated shack and a ghastly witch who isn’t prepared to let her go home. Good thing she’s not prepared for the Gunwtich, either.

»Nocturnals 'Unhallowed Eve' TPB
Collecting two giant-sized NOCTURNALS adventures in one trade paperback! First up, the long out-of-print WITCHING HOUR serial from DARK HORSE PRESENTS—a full-color adventure starring Halloween Girl. Her trick-or-treating greed leads her to a dilapidated shack and a ghastly witch who isn’t prepared to let her go home. Good thing she’s not prepared for the Gunwtich, either. Second is TROLL BRIDGE, the artist jam extravaganza printed in black, white, and orange—a special Halloween candy treat. Halloween Girl gets spirited away by the naughty devil lantern, and the rest of the Nocturnals have to chase her from dimension to weird dimension to try to bring her home. Featuring art by Ted Naifeh, Jill Thompson, Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Adam Warren, Bruce Timm, Jay Stephens, Stephen DeStefano, Stan Sakai, Eric Jones, Kieron Dwyer, and John Heebink, with special cameos by Jingle Belle, Usagi Yojimbo, and Scary Godmother! It’s two-fists of fun, featuring Dan Brereton’s creepiest creations!

»Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom 1, 2, 3
The Gunwitch, silent and deadly bodyguard to the misfit family of monstrous heroes known as the Nocturnals, breaks away in his first solo adventure! When the pistol-packing Gunwitch and his young charge, Evening Horror, find themselves in a small town ravaged by undead outlaws and true Hell's Angels –– motorcycle ridin' vampires –– The Gunwitch takes it upon himself to bring down both groups before any more innocents can be hurt. But as the undead protector embroils himself in the conflict, what once seemed to be an old fashioned turf war is revealed to be something much more sinister. Writer Dan Brereton (Nocturnals, Giantkiller) and artist Ted Naifeh (Gloomcookie) mix the American Spaghetti Western and drive-in horror with a hard-boiled sense of gallows humor. You'll never leave your night-light off again.

»Nocturnals 'Midnight Companion'

Brereton interview on Nocturnals [2003]


Psycho (3-issue DC-mini): 1, 2, 3

»Giantkiller: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
When a mysterious comet spawns enormous monsters in the Northwestern United States, the government creates a human / monster hybrid to stop them: a "giantkiller" named Jack. But can Jack exterminate one side of his fantastic heritage, especially after he meets a beautiful loner named Jill,an enigmatic black marketeer collecting samples of monster remains whose connection to the monsters is a mystery unto itself? Who is she? And just what is her mysterious connection to Jack?
»Giantkiller Fieldguide
The only place to get complete details on all 26 monsters that Jack - the Giantkiller - must defeat in battle to save the Earth, the Field Guide introduces the monsters (each corresponding to a different letter of the alphabet - from Akai, Banjax, and Cethlu to Xax, Ymir, and Zomm), and provides valuable insight into their background and powers through the journal entries of Jack's mysterious ally, the crossbow-toting Jill.

Brereton interview on Giantkiller [1999]

» Batman: Thrillkiller (Brereton): 1, 2, 3
Bruce Wayne is the penniless son of two of Gotham's richest family. The family lost their money in the Depression, Bruce had to sell Wayne Manor to pay for his father's debts, and he becomes a detective on the G.C.P.D. Barbara Gordon blames her father for not being around when her mother was killed and strikes out on her own, eventually buying Wayne Manor and becoming Batgirl to exact revenge along with her boyfriend who takes on the role of Robin. Bruce is put on the case of ridding Gotham of the Dynamic Duo while battling a corrupt department and a well connected underground. Look for Two-Face as a crooked cop, Catwoman as a stripper/informant, a female Joker as a socialite, a bodyguard Croc who guards a scientist Mr. Freeze, the Riddler as Barbara's shrink, and the Black Canary as the wife of one of Bruce's friends. (by "a reader" at
» Batman: Thrillkiller `62
The 1960s. Gotham is torn apart by political corruption and social unrest. But the biggest newsmakers of all are the Dynamic Duo of Batgirl and Robin. When police detective Bruce Wayne sets out to stop the two vigilantes, he uncovers a plot involving drug smuggling, extortion and murder. Framed for murder himself, he has no choice but to join Batgirl and Robin — as Batman. Uneven, but still wildly entertaining story by Howard Chaykin, with gorgeous artwork by Dan Brereton (I love Batgirl's impractical outfit). (by Rebecca Salek)
» Batman: Thrillkiller TPB collecting the Elseworld-tale miniseries and the '62-oneshot.

Legends of The World's Finest 1, 2, 3, TPB: Superman/Batman getting the evil-transformation by Dan Brereton. Batman and Superman. They are two of the world's finest. But now, inexplicably, they are becoming more like one another, and the stress of living such different lives may just destroy them! Of course, this is what the demonic force controlling them wants.

Interior previews: 1, 2

Justice League of America: Seven Caskets (Elseworld/Brereton)
The world's wickedest superheroes?
Seven undead kings from a time before history have plunged the world into a waking nightmare. Ghosts roam the land, doom is in the air, and good can no longer triumph over evil. The World's Greatest Superheroes have no choice: to defeat these ancient adversaries, they must become as monstrous as their foes...

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