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Beneath you can find links to various pictures and information of Broadsword Comics, housing the talents of Jim Balent (Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose) and Holly Golightly (Vampfire).

New stuff Dec 2010:
Updated till #56... yes I know I am running behind :)

>> TAROT: go to this site for every single pic (covers, litho's, interior art) I could find and collected here...
>> 3 KITTENS: go here to see more pussies!!
>> VAMPFIRE: go here for demons and angels!!
>> SCHOOLBITES: go here for young vampiric school girls!!

>> JIM BALENT: go here to see other Balent-art.
>> HOLLY: go here for Holly's various art.

BEWARE: Partial nudity inside!!!
All very artistically but if you are a wussy then get out of here at once!!

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BroadSword Comics, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose and 3 Little Kittens : Purrr-fect Weapons © ® Jim Balent
1999-2010 , all rights reserved.
VampFire© ® Holly Golightly
1996-2010 , all rights reserved.