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WELCOME to my very own part of the World Wide Web.
Here I (Richard Boom) can play a bit with HTML and combine it with my number one hobby: collecting comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you got something nice to say: SEND AN E-MAIL
If not...tell your m@ther...

You can also come visit me at my 'Bad Grrl Comic's Fan Club
Or take a look at one of my other sites:
Vampirella-model Maria Di Angelis fanclub at Yahoo

My entire collection of comics and strips consist of the following collections:

My collection of Dutch comics and strips
My collection of imported comics from the US

I also have some other stuff, like sketches, autographes, photographes, special comics, action figures and trading cards combined:
My collection of comicrelated stuff

Totals are at the bottom!!!
Dancing Laurel and Hardy

Besides comics and actionfigures I also collected some trading cards, mainly of Vampirella. You can find them in the STUFF-department.
The three characters (Vampirella, Kabuki and Spawn) are my main focus in comics and combined they give me all the different facets I look for in comics...
Nevertheless I do collect more comics then these three :-)

So what do you collect I hear you ask!!???

Just follow the links above and look at my collection of comics...stuff that I am most happy to have (right after my kids and my wife!!!)

This all brings me to comicbooktotals like this:

PS if you want to look at a how my room looks like with all the comics in there: