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OK another page to brag on :-)
I have been collecting comics since 1994 and some nice things have happened since then. Here I would like to elaborate/showcase them a bit.


I have sent in a couple of letters that also were placed. I added some links so you can see what sh!t I wrote :-p
Vampirella Monthly #12: BloodType
Vampirella Monthly #13: BloodType
Vampirella Monthly #14: BloodType
Vampirella Monthly #24: BloodType
Darkness Corrupted Correspondance
Vampirella Summer Special Magazine #1: Scarlet Letters

Meeting (in)famous people

Joe Jusko (Burroughs-tradingcards, Vampirella: Bloodlust, Punisher/PainkillerJane): This guy is so huge! He must be a bodybuilder! Unbelievable that he can produce such beautiful drawings. Too bad I was just to nervous to talk to him :-( I was such a softy then! I did ask him to sign my virgin cover to Vampirella BloodLust #1 though and I took his picture.

Brian Pullido (Lady Death, Purgatory): Same story. I met Brian later that day but was just too nervous to talk to him. He did sign two comics for me though! One was the preview to Purgatory Monthly...The other one was the Lady Death Halloween FAN comic. I also took Pulido's picture
signed in 1999

Tony Daniel (Tenth, F5, Spawn: Bloodfeud, Tales of the Witchblade): Very friendly guy. Not very big but he was very pleasant to talk to. And I had that chance since nobody else came towards him at that time.He signed my favorite Tenth-cover and a card.
signed in 1998 in Haarlem, Holland

Dwayne Turner (Curse of Spawn, Spawn the Undead, Butcher Knight): Great guy. He made me a beautifull drawing of Spawn, while talking to me about all kinda things. The drawing took about 20 minutes and after that someone also took a picture of him and me shaking hands. Real gem!
Spawn sketch by Dwayne Turner at Stripdagen Convention in 1999

Amanda Connor (Tomoe, Vampirella, Gatecrasher): When meeting Amanda in Essen/Germany I was struck by her warmth and enthousiasm. She was very nice and really seemed to like our little talk. She told me about her and Jimmy and the way he proposed to her when on holiday in Venice. We talked about comics and all kinda stuff and she ended up signing the cover to bloody "Vampirella Lives #2" with "Congratulations on your marriage". I love these personal touches which make these autographed items even more priceworthy. The only thing I hate was the fact that I took my camera with me but couldn't take a picture of Amanda, Jimmy, Dave Finch and Joe Benitez. It jammed! Back home I found out the batteries where upside down..Arghh!!

Jimmy Palmiotti (Deadpool, Vampirella, Ash): He is such a joker! A real nice guy but has some strange thoughts according to his site. He co-signed with Amanda with the words "stop looking at the women now".
Dave Finch (Ascension, Aphrodite IX, Call of Duty): Also in Essen were Dave, Joe and Marcia but they just signed my The Darkness #11-comic and that's it. Was just too crowdy to talk to them. A shame.
Joe Benitez (Weapon Zero, Darkness, Magdalena): told already
Marcia Chen (Magdalena/Angelus 1/2): told already.

F.A.C.T.S. 2006

William Tucci (SHI,Heroes For Hire): ....
Vampirella by Marlon Theunissen on FACTS 2006 Black Cat by Billy Tucci at the FACTS 2006

Billy Tucci at the FACTS 2006

F.A.C.T.S. 2007

I had an amazing time at the convention in Belgium last weekend!!!
I started out leaving my country on Fridaynight to enter the land of the friendliest people I have ever met, Belgium! I could crash on a sofa at my friend Allan. He and I always plan this trip together; him and me and FACTS to make it very special every year!
But this time would become very very special, since it would be the first time I would volunteer beyond trying to get comicartists to FACTS, but I would also indeed assist the artists as their Personal Assistent during these days. Together with some other friendly folks we tried to cover the Artist Alley and I believe we did fine!
After a strange hallucinative night (no drugs but nerves and having no watch, made for some strange dreams somehow) Allan and I went for Gent and we saw Claudia Ohm and friendly giant Stefan before the entrance. Love her! She is just a great enthusiastic (not to mention gorgeous!) person. She made my saterday extra fun! Anyway, Allan and I could get in around 8.15 due to me working there and I immediately went for the artist alley.
Little did I know that this would also be the place where the actors would enter the premises so I had some great talks with Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson and Freddy Krueger a.k.a. Robert Englund (and wife).
But my real superstars came in a while later. Joe Jusko, Adam Hughes, Allison Sohn and Mike Deodato Jr. came in one after the other and I got to know the French artists Stéphane Roux, Guile, Jerome and mega-man Olivier Ledroit very good as well as the Manga-crowd Lildragon and the people from Mangafique, and let me not forget the terrible non-aggressive James A. Owen!!
It was so much fun to see them do their magic, while leeching-me just ran around like crazy to cater their thirst or appetite. Me just soaking in the presence of these was so amazing!! I have memories that will last me a lifetime...Adam's shyness and fans, Allison's sparkling talkative and compassionate sight, Joe's gentle giant friendly artist, Lectrr's funnyness, Deodato's working style (never stops!!), Roux' class and he delivers!! every time, Ledroit's skills with waterpaint and his amazing Claudia-model that stills sends shivers through my memories!!.
Also the talks with Englund (crazy yet straightforward and great talker!) and Hudson (he can talk! and still had lots to say!!)... Other memories are of FACTS-teammembers; volunteering their asses off. What a great group! Dedicated professionals!!!
And the FACTS itself...great merchandise, loads of comics, awesome cosplayers...nothing beats it!!
And then meeting up with the visitors...always having too little time to speak with members of the Frank Cho forum, Weeklydose-forum, Yorick (congrats!! He will be a great name next year!!), Hautain, Antoon, Guido, Maarten, Allan ofcourse, Claudia ofcourse, Badr (great helper!!), and lots of people I seem to forget :)
Saterday was the longest day, also because I could join the dinner with all the guests. Sleeping over with Little Red Riding Hood and her bunch of Manga-secrettallking Wolves was very intresting and Sunday was unexpectedly busy from the getgo.
The hardest part was saying goodbye to the guests (artists and actors) and to the FACTS-team after having spend such an intresting and intensive time!
Boom out!!
Joe Jusko (Vampirella, Punisher, Black Panther): ....
Adam Hughes (Ghost, covers for Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Tomb Raider): ....
Allison Sohn: ....
Mike Deodato Jr. (Spider-Man, Glory, Hulk, Vampirella/LadyDeath, Thunderbolts): ....
Olivier Ledroit (): ....
Stéphane Roux (): ....
James A. Owen (): ....


FACTS 2007 FACTS 2007 FACTS 2007 FACTS 2007 FACTS 2007
FACTS 2007 FACTS 2007 FACTS 2007

Contacting (in)famous people

Robert Weinberg (Nightside): When I first started my BadGrrlComic-fanclub I decided I try to interview people. Mr Weinberg was very friendly and granted me my wish. Reason for choosing him as my first try to conduct an interview was the fact that I just read the mini he wrote for Marvel. I was very impressed by both the story and the art of "Nightside". The interview turned out great.
Sascha Knopf (Vampirella-model): Sascha was the first model to grace the covers to the Harris' Vampirella-comic and one of the reasons I picked up those backissues of Vampirella. At one point I tried to get her to sign a comic which I could sent her and she would sent back. But eventually (with the help of someone great) I ended up with a greatlooking picture of Sascha who wrote "Richard, you make my heart go boomvavavoom" on it :-) SEE IT HERE
Maria Di Angelis (2001 Vampirella-model): Maria developed such a big fanbase that I decided to make a fanclub at Yahoo-groups. Also conducted an interview with this very friendly model and also have not seen the answers back.
Terry Sanders (Vampirella-superfan): my Vampirella-based friend :-) He helped me to complete my collection of Harris-comics! Awesome friendly man! Hope I can make it to America someday and meet him!
Jay Anacleto (Aria, @thena Inc): granted me an interview. Haven't heared from him though. Would get back to me after the comiconseason 2003.
Selina Almira Fenech: A couple of years ago I came across some great pictures on the internet. They were drawn by Australian artist Selina Almira Fenech. That was what I found out and I emailed her that her work looked so great. It was in black and white and reminded me much of the work of Jay Anacleto in the way she used graystyles and stuff...When we got 'talking' I found out that those beautiful pinups I saw where form her graduationproject called "Fallen". Eventually I liked that idea so much that I send her money and she signed/send me that oversized graphicnovelsized comic to me. A wonderful artist and human being and I hope I will see her art in a more international scene someday...
David Mack: At one time I was attending Mack's messageboard and asked on the statistics of the people there. This is what David answered!!!
Todd MacFarlane: At the same time I also was attending Spawn's messageboard and asked on the statistics of the people overthere. This is what Todd answered!!!
Liam Sharp: for F.A.C.T.S.2005 I contacted this great British artist and even though I could not attend the convention at that time, he did create me this amazing piece, as requested via Antoon Biermans.
Vampirella sketch by Liam Sharp at the FACTS 2005

Getting hold on special comics and stuff

Turkish Delight:
In the first three weeks of September 2002 I went for a holiday to Turkey (Bitez, near Bodrum on the coast of the Egeic Sea opposite of Cos, Greece). I had a great time there (33 degrees C and lots of sun) and came back undamaged despite a cyclone hitting the area who made the heavy reed parasols on the beach frisbee into the restaurants, wrecked a surfclub, blew deck chairs into pieces and into swimming pools and tore off the minarets of a mosque!!

Anyway, I asked around to see if in Turkey they also had some comicculture and found out that in Bodrum (a place 15 minutes by bus) there might be some comics... So one day my wife was having a down-day and wante to spend it lying on a couch and I said "OK I will take my son and go to Bodrum with my son!!".
I ended up searching through quite some shops and trying to explain my quest in English to some very ignorant Turkish people but eventually I ended up with some nice Turkish souvenirs.
I first found a Batman-comic (Knightsend by Mounch and Balent) and was happy with that. Then I stumbled upon a "Ultimate Spider-Man" and I was thrilled.
When heading downtown my son fell asleep and that was so sweeeeeet!! I searched some more and stumbled into a shop which had some great collections of comics. There my quest was fulfilled with a great tradepaperback (they call it a "cilt") of Spawn and a collection of Witchblade. Real gems I tell you. I did find out Vampirella was also being translated but just not sold in Bodrum. Too bad. Then I would have also send Terry Sanders a Turkish Delight :-) Anyway, it was great to find these comics. When placing them on my bookshelves back in Holland I found out the Turkish comics were just a finger smaller then the original comics.

Bloody comics:
As a fan of Vampirella I repeatedly send in letters and emails to the letterpage (Bloodtype and Blooddonor) that were in the back of the comic Vampirella. Up untill now I have been placed a whopping four times! It is just an awesome treat to see your name (and in my case also my picture!!). For the third letter which got placed HarrisComics send me a surprise-gift consisting of the four virgin variant-covers of the 'Vampirella Crossover Gallery'. Just the one the doctor prescribed :-)

Another time I was surfing the Vampirella messageboard on a Monday and found a topic called "Contest". I opened it and saw that Harris had made a contest on Friday and whoever replied first would win a prize (Terry was excluded in the fineprint :-p). And although the weekend had passed I was the first to comply :-) I was thrilled and after a month or so I received a couple of 'Julie Strain photovariants' of the Legendary Tales #1 and #2, the chromecovered ashcan of 'Vampirella/LadyDeath: Revenge' and some more goodies!! What a prize and what a blessing that was. I really felt very happy when that happened to me!

Terry Sanders is also worth mentionning here! When he found out my Vampirella&VAMPI-collection was just missing a couple of issues he went out and send me the ultrarare "Vampirella Manga 2999 ashcan" and "Vampirella Manga 3000 ashcan" and VAMPI #5. He is such a great friend for doing this kind of unselfish stuff and bringing ultimate joy to a fan on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. In a couple of years I am planning to go to a comicon in the States and I would be thrilled if I were to get to meet him...really!
And at the brink of 2003 Terry surprises me again and sends me a signed Vampirella-tradingcard by Boris Valeijo!!

Too late I found out that a special VAMPI-story was included in a Wizard. After searching for this issue for 5 months a fellow called Tim Roza contacted me and send me this issue at no charge. So many friendly fellow-fans just amazes me!

Red haired fantasy:
Dave Steimle is the owner of the Red Sonja-website. He also has a nice fanclub at Yahoo and when we got talking we ended up having great conversations and we also were willing to trade comics. I received Red Sonja vol.2 #1 (of 2) and #2 (of 2), 2 copies of the oneshot 'Scavengers Hunt', the first Red Sonja novel and Cavewoman: RAIN #5. Especially that novel of Red is something very special since I never even heared about novels! And the cover by Boris Valleijo is also utterly beautiful as always...I traded these items with him for some Dutch comics: Red Sonja #1, a Conan-the movie GN and a Startrek Next Generation. Great to have more Red Sonja-comics. I already have ALL the Dutch translations, but that was 'only' the translated Volume 1 and Marvel Features. Still awesome reading material but too bad no more were translated...

Dinosaur love:
I frequent the messageboard of WeeklyDose (owned by professional Dutch translator Olav Beemer) and when the members there arranged a Meet&Greet I joined that mob. Together we visited some comicshops in Utrecht and had dinner together. It was very entertaining and lots of fun and when I entered a certain comicshop I discovered (in the discountboxes) the first two tradepaperbacks of Cavewoman and the Vampirella "Death&Destruction"-tpb. Now have I been searching for months to get those tpb of Cavewoman for a fair price, ever since I first saw that great fansite of Cavewoman. And I had searched everywhere and also on WWW and contacted whom I could and then suddenly you just see those tpb's just lying around for just 3 euro!! Well, I do not have to tell you any more what a great find that was! Back hom by train those were the first things I began to read.

After above experience I kept on searching for more Cavewoman-comics but never succeeded. At one time I put my frustrations in word on the Cavewoman-forum and Scary Larry (the same one as the Trekkie that got offed in the original Basement-series) reacted and offered to ship me some Cavewoman-comics in a trade. I said OK, and in april 2003 I received a huge package with almost 50 comics and amongst it were three awesome Cavewoman-comics (Cavewoman Jungle Tales (mature variant cover signed by Budd Root), Pangean Sea #1 (Cho 'piggyback' variant cover), Cavewoman meets Explorers). He also stashed some awesome pinups he himself drew of Meriem (Cavewoman) and even one of Vampirella as Cavewoman...awesome stuff!! But that amazing guy also threw in a Spawn #1, Tony Daniels-comics and various cool other comics which I was looking for or not... He also send me an animated cell of Vampirella!! He sounds like Santa to me :-)

Vampirella Animated Cell by Larry Williams

Garter beauty:
I have an honest to god aversion to suspenders on women (and men also afcourse :-). Don't know why but I do. I do make one single particular exception however and that is for Dawn. Being very fond of the 'Bad Grrl' genre in comics I just do not pass her without noticing Dawn. I own very few comics of Dawn however since I just got to know her when backissues where 50 each!! Anyway, I got into this 'Bad Grrl'-discussion on my fav messageboard a while back and the initiator was someone called SCHIZMO, a nice Belgian secrets-loving comicfan. He just wanted to know more about the genre and I explained it. He even bought the 'Dawn: pinup goddess' to view the genre...It was very much fun to elude on this topic and made me realize just how much I was and am 'into' this particular genre...But somewhere in 2002 Schizmo decided to sell his entire comiccollection in order to (that's what he said) finance his harder needs; European graphic novels. As a farewell he even gave me 'Dawn: Pinup Goddess'. A very special gift with lots of good intertwined memories. Thank you!

Girls on film:
When I first heared that in the US the movie Witchblade had been made and was being broadcast I went nuts!! I was a big Witchblade/Turner fan at that time and when I found out one of my favorite characters was translated onto the silver screen...well...I could have flown to the US with my enthusiasm :-)
Especially since in Holland the chances were slim to ever see that movie and the series that came after that. But then a very nice man called Aart Zeeman. We already had a good contact for a while and when we met at a comicon in 2000 he just plainly gave me a Witchblade The Movie disc. I am still amazed when one gives with such friendliness!!

Song Dance Action:
On the M&G mentionned above (Dino love) I also had a meeting with Daya, a beautiful girl who works at a comicshop there. We had contact in the weeks before the M&G, because I missed an issue of 'Kabuki Agents: Scarab' and she had a spare. When we did finally meet -and I stopped staring :-) at her- she GAVE me the comic for FREE. When I asked her WHY that was she said I wasn't permitted to ask that. Now I tell ya, what a girl!!
Eventually I found out that Aart (mentionned above in GirlsOnFilm) had given her his spare copy of the 'Kabuki: Circle of Blood'-tpb and made a pact with Daya to give me that issue of Scarab...
What can I tell you...I know so many lovely people with such generous hearts it just makes me humble...

Supernatural feelings:
Some of the greatest people are on the other side of the world it comics can still be intresting though and when Lothar and I started having contact we ended up swapping some comics. As a part of this trade he send me the 4 issues of the rare Supernaturals-miniseries which Brian Pulido (ChaosComics, Lady Death, Purgatory) wrote for Marvel Comics. A teamup-series with a twist you might call it!!
A very special item from a very special person!!

Go to the following to see my friends...needs updating but there is a start!!

Also see some of collected artwork.
wall of fame 10 2007 autographed Darkchylde poster autographed Darkchylde poster Tombraider Witchblade supersized Part of my Darkchylde collection
Cho signed this for me
Paul gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti original art Trailerpark Of Terror by amanda connor Red Riding Hood by Romano Molenaar -- Litho signed and personalised Dogwitch postcard Dogwitch Xmas card 2003 original art Zombie Spidey 2007 as a token by Suydam for making a cool website!!! bday present by Peter Voskuilen


AND guess who made a cameo in Image's "Darkness Level Three" and Marvel's "Heroes for Hire #4" !!!! ...yup...
your fanboy maintaining this site!!
"Richard Boom" aka "boomvavavoom" aka "Boom, R."

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