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At one time I sat down with my comics and discovered I had more pinupbooks then I thought. So I grouped them here :-) I like them a lot. All these great sexy characters who are being portayed by some of the greatest names to make them as beautiful and sexy as they can be!! There are some gems to admire I tell ya!!!

Alley Cat Lingerie Edition: cover, interior, sampling Alley MacBaggett

The Art of Anacleto

Avengelyne Swimsuit

Ballistic Imagery

Ballistic Studios Swimsuit special

The Chaos! Bible (pinups+description)

Darkchylde Swimsuit Illustrated

Darkchylde Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

Darkchylde Sketchbook (chrome cover)

Darkchylde Diary

Dawn: Pinup Goddess

Fathom: Swimsuit Special

Fathom Swimsuit Special 2000

Glory & Friends Lingerie Special

Glory & Friends Bikini Fest

HEROES: a 9-11 Tribute: 1

Kabuki pinup gallery: 1

Lady Death and the Women of Chaos Gallery (pinups)

Lady Death in Lingerie (pinups)

Lady Death Swimsuit Special (pinups)

Lady Death by Steven Hughes (pinups)

Lady Death: Swimsuit 2001 (pinups)

Marvel Masterpieces vol. 1 #1 (of 4): pinups by Joe Jusko

Marvel Masterpieces vol. 2 #2 (of 4)

Razor Swimsuit Special

Top Cow Secrets: Winter Lingerie Edition

Vampirella: Sad Wings of Destiny

Vampirella: Crossover Gallery: (2 VIRGIN COVERS: Pantha, Painkiller Jane)

Vampirella Pin-Up Special

Wildstorm Swimsuit Special: 1, 2

Witchblade/Tombraider: 1 (bikini/bedroom-variant)

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