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Leslie Culton is a firm favourite as a Vampi models with lots of the Vampirella fans, and originally sent some pictures of herself as Vampirella to Scott Stockwell's site and he posted them on the site.

She is both a Vampirella fan herself, and an expert, as she knows a lot about the character.  She is also extremely willing to talk to fans about the character.

Head shot

Photos above and left by Leslie Culton

Leslie as the real Vampirella However, as Scott himself said when he originally put the early photos of Leslie on his site, the real thing about Leslie was the Vampirella costume she wore, which was the closest any of us had seen on a real live model to the artist's interpretations.  In essence, she is an absolute knockout.

The pic on the left (sent to me by Leslie) shows what I mean - this is Vampirella as she should have been in the film (censor permitting).

Leslie then appeared at the Dragon Con in 1997 as Vampirella, and again at the Wizard World Convention in Chicago in 1998.  Some of the photos from this convention were featured in Vampirella Monthly #10 and #11.

On the right you can see Leslie as featured in the Vampirella comics.  Out of interest, initially she wasn't identified by name, but one fan wrote in asking who she was and Leslie was eventually identified and her name published in Vampirella #0 after Harris had sought and obtained Leslie's permission.

I find it both unusual and gratifying that the Vampirella models are not identified automatically without asking their permission, a policy I have used on this website. 

Harris Comics' approach of maintaining a very strict confidentiality is extremely refreshing.  Note that Terry Sanders (the Vampirella model king) can be seen in the bottom photo on the page.

Leslie Culton as Vampirella

Lesley Culton takes flight

If possible Lesley's Vampirella costume had become even more skimpy than before, very similar to the way that Michael Bair had drawn it for the Haemorrhage miniseries (see the 'skimpy' page on this website for more details).

On the left is a fabulous image of Leslie as the winged Vampirella set against the moon.  This is the only picture I've seen of one of the models sprouting Vampi-like wings, and is a real knockout.  

Personally I'd like to see Leslie featured even more, possibly in a photo-montage story.  After all, the photo on the right shows it can be done.

You can see more photos of Leslie on her new website (details below) and in Scarlet Legion Issue #17.

Update on Leslie:

Terry Sanders (who is constantly in touch with many of the Vampirella models) has sent me the following short update on Leslie Culton.

To me, Leslie Culton is the Heart of Vampirella. She was a Vampi model for no other reason than her love of the character. Leslie is such a fan girl. She knows as much about Vampirella as anyone I have ever met in my life. And Leslie does make one very, VERY, beautiful Vampirella. But her outside appearance is only half the attraction. It is the fan, the fan inside her,,,,, that makes her "The Heart of Vampirella." And this is the total package that will make Leslie Culton go down in history as one of the few models that not only knew the character, but loved it. Leslie's life and career have been VERY busy lately so I thought we would update her web page for her fans. Here are a few questions I had for Leslie and her response.

Terry: Hi Leslie, when I first photographed you as Vampirella, it was at the Wizard Con in Chicago in 1998. I though you made a very beautiful Vampirella then, but when you showed up as Vampirella at the Dragon Con 2000, wow, what a difference!! How was this transformation possible?

Leslie:  I had a Drakulon make-over, new hair color and new costume for the millennium Vampirella. The old costume was a little tight over my chest and made it look a little funny sometimes at certain angles. The new one fits me much better as you can see by some of the new shots (see right)

TerryThat's pretty dedicated. Tell me, how do you feel about the models that do not even know who Vampirella is?

Leslie: Well that is a sticky subject, in a way I think that if you are just a non-fan model you are missing out on so much of the experience. 

Wow! What more can I say?

Leslie:  These models will never have the con excitement that I had. I used to literally LIVE for the next convention...REALLY. I would count down the days.  It is THE only thing that got me through my high school days that I hated so bad.   I love the costumes but I would not want to limit myself to doing just ONE character.  I love doing different things Wonder Woman, then go put on Vampi, then go put on a Star Trek suit.. I am just nerd through and through.

Terry:  Let's move on to some of your films. Hookers in a Haunted House has become a cult classic. And you not only starred in this one, but produced it also. What other movie projects have you completed since then, and what is coming up?

Leslie:  Hmmmm ... other projects? This will take a minute to answer. Let's see I did 2 projects for Evrette Hartsoe which have yet to be released. Then I did Terror at Tate Manor, The Blonde Wench Project, The Dwellers, The House that Screamed 2 (should be in Hollywood video soon) and Vamps 2: BloodLust, as well as Demon Witch for Andee Agony's Torture Tales an anthology of Erotic Pain, also the end sequence for Drainiac! and a few others I know I am forgetting.  I have coming up in the summer Rock and Roll Starship 2: Rendevous at Ramses (I am really looking forward to this project!). I have been putting most of my energy lately into my Feature Dancing tours I have been as far as Baton Rouge, New York, Michigan and a bunch of other places. Look for my updated schedule at

Leslie with British flag
Leslie looking pensive

Terry: You appear as Vampirella in Femme Fatales Vol 9 #7, and you are also in the new Wizard #114 as Shi. What other magazine appearances can we look forward to?

LeslieI last posed for Gent, D-Cup and Leg Show. I feel really honored at getting to do the Leg Show especially because they do not usually use a lot of busty girls, and it is nice to be able to have my legs admired instead of my breasts for a change..:) I will be having signed copies of these available on my website as soon as they are out. 

TerryIs there anything else going on in your career that you would like to tell us about?

Leslie: I love my new website, thanks to Richard Byrne and Loren Weisman for all the work in getting it up for me. It has all my new pictures, merchandise and my "members" only section will be up soon. Instead of a normal "pay" site you will receive the password to the more adult portions of the site as a perk with your membership to my new fan club. I want to put some really cool stuff on can see some of your favorite superheroes in more "revealing" photos!

Photos of Leslie in Vampirella suit by Terry Sanders


Leslie Facts


Heritage:  Scottish (mostly), then Cherokee, English, Irish, French and German

Birthdate:  October 11th

Natural hair color:  dark medium brown

Star sign:   Libra

Eye color:  hazel ( they change from green to brown depending on my mood)

Height:   5'7"

Weight:  120 lbs ( more or less depending on how much chocolate I eat)

Vital statistics:   38DD-25-36

Leslie at the con stand
Leslie again

Leslie's web site: (click on the image on the right)

Leslie Leslie has a great web site which you can access by clicking on her pic on the right.  The site covers her many appearances in films and her comic convention appearances as Shi, Batgirl, Phoenix, Spiderwoman, Electra and many more.  The site has recently been updated with new photos, a bio, galleries and a homage to both Star Trek and Dr Who in some of the graphics.

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