Matt Murdock was the son of 'Battling Jack' Murdock, a boxer who made his living in New York's Hell's Kitchen. Raising Matt alone, due to the death of Matt's mother, the elder Murdock took it upon himself to provide a better life for his son. He began to work as an enforcer for the Fixer, a local mobster, to give Matt more than his boxing winnings. However, Jack Murdock taught his son not to fight and tried to guide him into studies. Matt became a bookworm, and repeatedly was mocked by students. They teased him by calling him 'Daredevil'. Matt didn't want to get his father mad at him, so he secretly trained himself, so he could stand up to the bullies at school.

While walking down a street one day, Matt noticed a blind man was about to get hit by a truck. He ran in front of the truck, and pushed the blind man out of the way. However, the truck was carrying radioactive waste, and some spilled out directly onto Matt's eyes. Matt couldn't see anymore.

Matt's remaining senses became heightened, and he was able to 'see' using a 'radar' sense, that showed outlines and shapes. His hearing became so acute that he could hear heartbeats. He could smell the faintest odor in a room. He could touch a newspaper to 'read' it.

After the accident, a mysterious blind man named Stick offered to help the boy develop his new found powers, and train him in martial arts.

During this time, Jack Murdock was enjoying some success in the boxing ring. However, he soon found out that all his matches were fixed, and he was to throw his next fight. Jack didn't want to lose his match in front of his son in the audience, so he went against his orders and won the match.
He was murdered by the Fixer's men that night.
Matt, using his new training and abilities, sought revenge against his father's killers.

After a few years, Matt went to Columbia University and studied law with his friend Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson. It was here that both men received their degrees, and they started up their law firm 'Nelson and Murdock' in New York City afterwards. Karen Page was their secretary. Matt adopted the identity of Daredevil to begin his crusade against all the injustices he saw in the courtroom. The major villains he has had to contend with are the Kingpin, Bullseye, the Hand, Mr. Fear, Cobra, Mr. Hyde, Stilt-Man and others.

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear TPB (reprinting the 5-issue mini on DD's origin by Frank Miller)
Matt Murdock was raised by his dad, "Battling" Jack Murdock, who was an aging boxer. Matt's dad told him that he had promised Matt's mother not to let Matt grow up using his fists, that he would help Matt make a better life for himself. So, Matt studied very hard in school and did well, but was teased by the other children and called "daredevil" mockingly because he'd never fight back. Secretly though, he trained and became an accomplished athlete (and fighter?). One fateful day, Matt ran to push an old man out of the way of an oncoming truck, and though he saved the old man, a cannister of radioactive material flew off the truck splashing some of the substance in Matt's face.
While Matt was blinded by the mysterious substance, he found that his other senses were greatly enhanced and that he had a sort of "radar". Matt found his training and gymnastics were even easier to perform. Along with the help of a mysterious mentor, Stick, Matt learned to use his newfound senses and abilities to better and better advantage. Presumably Stick also taught Matt much of his early fighting technique. Meanwhile, Matt's father, Jack, has been finding it harder to get fights and make ends meet. He runs into a manager, the "Fixer", who will get him fights, but when Jack refuses to throw a fight, the Fixer has him killed.
Matt uses his new found abilities to avenge his father's death. He defeats the Fixer's gang single-handedly, and the Fixer suffers a heart attack running away from Matt. Unfortunately, during his rampage, Matt also knocked an innocent prostitute out a window--this would haunt him for many years to come and probably has a lot to do with his adamant philosophy of subduing rather than injuring or killing his opponents.
Matt attended Columbia University with his roommate Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. While there he met, and fell in love with, Elektra Natchios. Stick warns Matt that she is evil and Foggy voices his dislike as well. However, there's something enticing about this dangerous and exciting woman that draws Matt to her. She leaves shortly after when her father, the diplomat, is killed. Matt (and Foggy) continue on to Harvard Law School where Matt graduates summa cum laude. Matt takes a position with the Boston firm Sussman and Castro.
Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, is just getting his empire underway, and some of his machinations cause a young girl that Matt has befriended, Mickey, to become kidnapped. Matt rescues Mickey in the first of many confrontations with the Kingpin and his empire. Matt goes on to found "Nelson & Murdock" in New York with Foggy and the beautiful new secretary that Foggy hired, Karen Page.

Daredevil: Marked For Death TPB (reprints #159-161, 163 and 164)
Daredevil has become the target of the maniacal villain known as Bullseye, in whose hands anything and everything is a deadly weapon. Having kidnapped Daredevil's partner, the Black Widow, Bullseye will stop at nothing to see his arch-foe eliminated. Now the trap has been set, and Daredevil is Marked for Death!
Daredevil: Gangwar TPB (reprints #169-172, and 180)
When Wilson Fisk, retired Kingpin of Crime, holds criminal evidence that threatens the balance of power in New York City's underworld. When his enemies kidnap his wife, Vanessa, the Kingpin comes out of hiding, and he becomes a target for Bullseye - the world's most accurate assassin! Thus Daredevil, the man without fear, is caught in the deadly crossfire of a gangwar!
Daredevil: "Born Again" Dutch TPB reprints #227-233 by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, where Karen Page sells DD's secret identity to a drug pusher, and that info makes its way to the Kingpin... and Matt Murdock's life is changed forever.
It starts with Karen Page, long-ago lover of the hero. Now, battered by lost dreams of fame on the silver screen, she trades a name for an armful of short-lived chemical bliss.
Then it's the massive crimelord, meeting with his lieutenants on a yacht. The name sold by to a low-level dealer has wound its way through channels to reach the Kingpin, the Marvel Universe's pinnacle of organized crime. The Kingpin, always on the lookout for a way to hurt a perpetual foe, decides to test the information.
And only then do we meet Matt Murdock, frail alter ego of the crimebuster Daredevil. Blind to the world, but other senses enhanced by a freak accident in his youth, he greets the day from rumpled sheets and finds his world collapsing. It starts small and builds from there -- payments lost, accounts frozen, records audited. Lies bought and sold. Matt's life begins to collapse.
Meanwhile, the hired guns are shooting for Karen Page, and anyone else who knows the name she spoke in a desperate moment several pages earlier. And in her direst moment of need, it's that same name which gives her even a slight bit of hope.
And then a stroke beyond the pale clues Matt in on the identity of his hidden tormentor. And with Kingpin's signature on all his woes, Daredevil decides to take action. And ... he fails. Matt Murdock is a broken man, and soon he's on the brink of madness. And things keep getting worse. But at what should be the final curtain, he survives. And he begins the long road back.

Daredevil: Fall of the Kingpin TPB The Fall of the Kingpin is Miller's Born Again in reverse; where the Kingpin once played Murdock's life like a master puppeteer, destroying pieces along the way, Murdock now has his chance to do the same in return.
The Kingpin, with his hands in every dirty pie in New York City, has further to fall. And he lands much harder.
Daredevil begins by exposing Kingpin's sole vulnerability: Vanessa, his lost love. Next, Daredevil removes from the field the Kingpin's right hand and lover, Typhoid Mary -- with a cunning strategy that is a bit heartbreaking to see. From there, the red-garbed hero begins dismantling the Kingpin's empire bit by bit, using a cadre of international terrorists and the country's top espionage unit as foils in his plan.

Daredevil: Fall from Grace TPB This TPB reprints Daredevil #319-325, where DD gets his armoured costume and Elektra makes her return to the pages of the title. There are extra pages in this TPB that aren't available in the single issues.
Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith TPB (reprinting vol.2 #1-8)

Daredevil, vol. 2 "Parts of a Hole" TPB: This TPB reprints Daredevil (Vol.2) #9-15, by David Mack, Joe Quesada, David Ross, Rob Haynes and others. The storyline introduces Echo. #12 is printed at the back of the TPB to not interrupt the flow of the story. David Mack provides some insight into his story and also some sketches.
Follow this link to a unique interview with David Mack, further exploring his writing in 'Parts of a Hole'

Daredevil, vol. 2 "Wake Up" TPB: This TPB reprints Daredevil Vol. 2 #16-19, by Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack. Meet Ben Urich, investigative reporter for the Daily Bugle. His current assignment: the media circus that is the murder trial of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. So why is Urich spending all his time with the catatonic son of the two-bit costumed criminal called Leap Frog? And how is Daredevil connected to a child he doesn't even know?

Daredevil, vol. 2 "Playing to the Camera": 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Daredevil, vol. 2 "Underboss" TPB: This TPB reprints Daredevil Vol. 2 #26-31, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. The mystery man named Mr. Silke has inspired Wilson Fisk's lieutenants to rise up and take down the Kingpin of Crime! What is the connection between the underbosses' uprising and the contract on DD's life? The true-crime creative team of Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, ALIAS) and Alex Maleev (Sam & Twitch) reveal all!
Daredevil, vol. 2 "Out" TPB (reprinting vol.2 "out" #32-37 and "trial of the century" #38-40) (Bendis, Maleev/Gutierrez/Dodson): When Matt Murdock's most guarded secret is sold to a tabloid newspaper, Daredevil's secret identity is exposed to the world! How far will the Man Without Fear go to reclaim his life?
Daredevil, vol. 2 "Lowlife": Musthave (41-43), Musthave (41-43), 44, 45
After his secret identity as Daredevil is publicly exposed, Matt Murdock is forced to reckon with the problems and legal ramifications that emerged as a result of his public outing. But there isn't much time for Matt to dwell on his problems, as a new love appears on the horizon and one of Daredevil's most dangerous foes returns to take over the NYC underworld.
Daredevil, vol. 2 "Hardcore": 46, 47, 48, 49, 50
Daredevil is simultaneously faced with murder charges, a new girlfriend, being outted by the tabloids, the return of one of his deadliest foe's Typhoid Mary, and the Kingpin's attempt to restore his fallen empire. And the surprise ending changes Daredevil's place in the Marvel Universe forever.

Follow this link to a unique interview with David Mack, further exploring his writing and artwork for the followup on 'Parts of a Hole' named ECHO!!

Daredevil, vol. 2 "ECHO": 51-55
Maya Lopez – a.k.a. Echo – a deaf young woman capable of assimilating an individual’s fighting style by sight and who nearly took down Daredevil – makes her return. Her entire life was once defined by her belief that DAREDEVIL killed her father and that the KINGPIN could help her achieve justice. Now, with her perceptions completely altered, can she make sense of the world? Echo embarks on a Native American vision quest to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.

Follow this link to an interview with Brian Bendis, further exploring his writing for the followup on 'Hardcore'!!

Daredevil, vol. 2 "Hell's Kitchen": 56-60
It’s been a year since Daredevil did the unthinkable, beating Wilson Fisk to within an inch of his life and declaring himself the new Kingpin. Now, the Yakuza have come to stake their claim for Hell’s Kitchen, targeting Matt Murdock. Their unforgettable battle royale is just the tip of the iceberg, and Daredevil will never be the same again. Featuring guest-appearances by Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Reed Richards and Dr. Strange!

Daredevil, vol. 2 "The Widow": 61-64
You asked for it; you got it: Daredevil's fiery, redheaded ex-partner returns to Hell's Kitchen to help the new Kingpin keep the streets clean. But why is she really back? One of Marvel's greatest love stories takes an interesting turn, and all in the horrible face of...JIGSAW! Guest-starring Nick Fury and the Avengers!

Daredevil, vol. 2 "Golden Age" TPB 11 (reprinting vol.2 #66-70) (Bendis, Maleev)
Follow Matt Murdock through a story that literally spans the entire history of the Marvel Universe! Who was the Kingpin before the Kingpin, and what was his relationship to Matt?

Daredevil, vol. 2 "Decalogue" TPB 12 (reprinting vol.2 #71-75) (Bendis, Maleev)
Exactly what happened during Daredevil's year-long reign as the new Kingpin? His historic cleaning of Hell's Kitch will finally be revealed in bloody detail. Framed around the Ten Commandments, this epic story is like nothing you've seen before.

Shi/Daredevil: 1
Daredevil/Shi: 1

Black Widow: Web of Intrigue (George Perez, collecting Marvel Fanfare #10-13)
Black Widow: The Coldest War
Black Widow (1st mini-series; J.G. Jones): 1 , 2 , 3
Now, her time as Black Widow may be at an end. Yelena Belova, the new Black Widow, seeks to claim the mantle she feels was stolen from her Motherland. Trained in the arts of espionage and combat and anxious to prove herself and eliminate her counterpart, Belova will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. The two women's battle rages from the deserts of the Middle East to New York's Upper West Side. When the smoke clears, will either Widow be left standing?
Black Widow: Breakdown (2nd mini-series): 1 , 2 , 3
In a follow up to the 1999 miniseries that introduced Yelena Belova, the "new" Black Widow, Devin Grayson and Greg Rucka have written something far odder than that miniseries would suggest. The story plays off Yelena's conviction in the original series that she is the rightful heir to the name "Black Widow" following Natasha's defection. Last time round, this idea took the fairly straightforward form of Yelena trying to bump Natasha off to eliminate the competition for the name. This time, Natasha takes the lead in one of the strangest plots of the year. Natasha's scheme, with the full assistance of SHIELD and Daredevil, is to capture Yelena, carry out an operation to swap their minds (or possibly reshape their bodies so that they look like one another; the story's unclear), dump Yelena into Natasha's life, give her a mission to kill "Yelena" (ie, the real Natasha) and set a m asterplan in action...
Black Widow"Pale Little Spider": When her former mentor is found brutally murdered in a Moscow bondage club, Belova must go deep undercover to find the killer. Torn by self-doubt and divided loyalties, she descends into a world of deadly games and deadlier predators! With sensual covers by Greg Horn (ELEKTRA), BLACK WIDOW: PALE LITTLE SPIDER is a smart and sexy adventure that could only be told under the freedom of the MAX imprint!
Black Widow: Homecoming: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Acclaimed science-fiction novelist Richard K. Morgan and comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz bring you old ghosts and new revelations about the original Black Widow — Natasha Romanova — in this hardboiled noir tale. The deadliest agent in the Marvel Universe has finally gotten out of the spy game, and she’s not asking for much, just a life of her own. When a sudden assassination attempt provides a harsh reality check, the former Soviet agent tracks a string of international killings that will lead her back to a Russia she can barely recognize.

Black Widow fansite

Elektra Megazine (reprinting Elektra saga from DD #168,169,174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 187, 188, 189, 190 reprints only Elektra related story parts): 1, 2
Elektra "Root of Evil": 1, 2, 3, 4
Elektra (Deodato/Milligan): 1, 1 , 2, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Elektra (2nd Series covers by Greg Horn): 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
"This blade I am holding… I have died at the end of it."
She knows firsthand the chill of the grave. Now, the sexy, enigmatic international assassin called Elektra begins a new life, courtesy of red-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist extraordinaire Chuck Austen! In the deadly world of international espionage, Elektra is a hot commodity - and the top-secret organization called SHIELD wants her for a mission so dirty, so difficult, no one else could even think of pulling it off.
But Elektra can't be bought, bribed or threatened. If she takes the job, she'll do it HER way - no matter how many people may die.

What If? Elektra lived: 30
Elektra 'the official movie adaptation'
This official adaptation of the movie is far more than the average comic, as it’s chock-full of all the extras we could muster, including pinups, handbook entries and more. Also included is Frank Miller's black-and-white Elektra short story from BIZARRE ADVENTURES #28.

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