"I'm a neo-ecto-maxi-pagan...voodoo junkie and dabblin' quija monkey!
I'm the saucy spellbinder...the zoom-doom floozy, spawn of spooky...


Dogwitch is a comic book series by British artist Daniel Schaffer following the shocking exploits of exiled witch-superstar and home movie maker, "Shrieking" Violet Grimm.
"Banished deep into the evil Banewoods for daring to practice her own unique brand of Molotov Magick, outcast Dogwitch Violet Grimm continues to stretch the boundaries of accepted 21st Century witchcraft.  As tales of bad sex and dangerous voodoo spread her infamy through the Banewoods, Violet captures the attention of a multitude of weirdos and resigns herself to what she believes is her predestined B-movie lifestyle. Churning out provocative home videos for a berserk and hungry fan base in her pursuit of arcane knowledge, she feeds her diary with the dating rituals of the sick and heinous. Violet is the Garbo of witches, a reclusive legend in a depraved, gory, funny and fiendishly sexy world."  MATURE READERS.

by Daniel Schaffer
Collects Dogwitch #1-6.
Meet Violet Grimm, arcane sex symbol extraordinaire. Exiled to the Banewoods for practicing the most dangerous form of Molotov magic, this seductive former starlet continues to entertain by releasing underground videos of her terrifying exploits. What's the only way to fend off deranged fans, malevolent dolls, and frisky demons?
Get back to B-movie basics: hack 'n' slash a-go-go!
MATURE THEMES SC, 7x10, 144pgs, B&W SRP: $14.95

by Daniel Schaffer
Collects Dogwitch #7-12!
B-movie Scream Queen Violet Grimm launches her second season of black magic home movies with an Iron Chef-style culinary experiment — one that goes horribly awry. When she accidentally creates the sentient goop called “Black Treacle,” Violet finds herself hunted by creepy creatures and insane clowns.
MATURE THEMES SC, 7x10, 144pgs, B&W SRP: $14.95

by Daniel Schaffer
Collects Dogwitch #13-18!
Take a peek at the twisted origin of Violet Grimm, courtesy of Moko the Goblin Clown and his Toxic Pool of Illumination. Still reeling from Dolores' betrayal, Violet now faces more trouble in the form of a bizarre allergy to the psychic fallout. Rising from Moko's toxic waters only to discover that her Goblin birth party has been gate crashed by the Sex Doll Cheerleaders, the bruised and battered Dogwitch once again comes face to face with Elastic Head. And with Mr. Kinky playing sidekick, Violet Grimm is heading back to the Nice Bunny World to unravel a cosmic conspiracy and face off with those responsible for banishing her to the Banewoods.
MATURE THEMES SC, 144pgs, B&W SRP: $15.95

November 14, 2003 Unadilla, NY — In February, fans of the cult favorite DOGWITCH comic series can look forward to two exciting new products, as Sirius Entertainment proudly releases the DOGWITCH: DIRECT TO VIDEO trade paperback and a one-shot special, DOGWITCH SPECIAL FEATURES: THE SKETCHBOOK. Written and illustrated by the talented Daniel Schaffer, February’s DOGWITCH debuts shed more light on the “kinky, reality-television adventures of a sexy witch named Violet Grimm.”

DOGWITCH: DIRECT TO VIDEO is the first-ever collection of DOGWITCH material, collecting issues #1-6 of the ongoing bi-monthly series. This essential volume introduces Violet Grimm, an arcane sex symbol extraordinaire who explores her chosen art form – filming underground b-movies of erotic horror – with black magic, lipstick, and leather. Her dangerous adventures bring her face-to-face with deranged fans, malevolent dolls, and frisky demons.

Creator Daniel Schaffer says, “I’m delighted to be putting Violet’s first adventures into trade paperback form. Each individual episode explores a different theme, helping to define the multiple aspects of Violet’s nature. Some episodes are self-contained, some are open-ended, and some are just total mayhem, but they’re all jigsaw pieces that add up to a larger myth. Displaying them together in one book, back to back, will help to illuminate the bigger picture.”

The DIRECT TO VIDEO collection also offers a rare opportunity for curious newcomers. “I’ve heard of many readers who missed out on my early issues the first time around,” says Schaffer, “and since some issues sold out so quickly, it’s almost impossible to get hold of these stories.”

Also scheduled to debut in February, DOGWITCH SPECIAL FEATURES: THE SKETCHBOOK presents 48 pages of behind-the-scenes footage from Daniel Schaffer’s personal art files. “I wanted to offer something with a bit more bite than a sketchbook,” says Schaffer. “Each DOGWITCH comic coincides with one of Violet’s provocative home videos, so it seemed fitting that the sketchbook should be produced in a ‘Special Features’ format, like you’d find on any DVD.”

“Violet’s sexy, sure. She’s a kinky goth icon with a fondness for leather and rubberwear, okay. She’s hot, whatever. But she’d never stand still long enough for a book of pinups,” says Schaffer. “So, with SPECIAL FEATURES, you get not just pin-ups, but also outtakes, deleted scenes, character and creator commentary, sketches, and plenty of previously unreleased material. This is a sketchbook, a pin-up book, a story book, and also a behind-the-scenes look at both the creation of the DOGWITCH comic and Violet’s own home videos.”

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