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This checklist is designed to be a simple list of titles to collect if you like DC's Elseworlds. This is not an official list. This is an unauthorized fan website. Please visit the official DC Comics Website.

Updated with the February 2003 Previews

"In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places--some that have existed, and others that can't, couldn't, or shouldn't exist. The result is stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow."

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* The Elseworlds 80-Page Giant was pulled from the schedule due to a story not suitable for children, and is currently not available in North America. Copies were distributed outside North America. DC has officially cancelled the book. One story was reprinted in the Bizarro Comics Hardcover in June 2001.

NOTE: Kingdom Come #1 is also available in a Millennium reprint edition (Jun 2000).
NOTE: A Batman Vampire statue, based on the Elseworlds Batman from Red Rain, Bloodstorm, and Crimson Mist, was available in October 2000.

NOTE: Months given are the shipping months, and may not match cover/indica dates exactly.
NOTE: See the Shipping List for recent/upcoming Elseworlds.

Elseworlds Annuals 1994

All regular DCU 1994 Annuals had an Elseworlds theme. This is a list of those books, and the title(s) of the stories.

Essential Imaginary Stories

These are the Imaginary Stories that best reflect the Elseworlds style, and are essential if you want to have a complete collection of Elseworlds.

Shipping List

When the next few Elseworlds are due to ship, according to Diamond's Previews Magazine.

Shipping This Week - Diamond's Official List


Official DC Elseworlds Message Board

Aug 10th 2003: News from WizardWorld Chicago says that Batman: Detective 27 is a planned Elseworlds featuring writer Michael Uslan with pencils by Peter Snejberg. Editor Mike Carlin also noted that DC has scaled back the production of Elseworlds in order to "put the luster back on them."

Aug 9th 2003: Superman: True Brit, written by Kim Stanley Johnson and John Cleese is apparently getting artwork from none other than John Byrne, who also happens to want to continue his Generations series with another installment: Generations 4.

Aug 9th 2003: The new Teen Titans Elseworld has been officially postponed by DC, though artist Jay Stephens says that it's been cancelled. Until we know for sure, the book is being removed from the list. We suggest writing to DC to let your displeasure at the cancellation be known.

Jul 21st 2003: After Alan Davis finishes JLA: Another Nail, rumor has it that he will be doing a sequel to Superboy's Legion.

Jul 17th 2003: First reports coming in from the San Diego Comic-Con include two new Elseworlds. Superman: The Kansas Sighting is a two-issue Elseworlds mini-series scheduled for next year. Batman: London by Night is scheduled for January.

Rumors abound about the John Cleese Superman Elseworlds "True Brit". Yes, he has signed up to do it, no, we don't know much else. Sounds fun, though. Read The Pulse's Coverage of the story or Newsarama's Coverage here.


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Who's Who in Amalgam

Other Imaginary Stories

I doubt I could find every imaginary story and list them, but these are some of the more recent and notable ones to come along that don't quite fit on the "essential" list.

Just Imagine

Definitely a project worthy of this page, no?


Legends of the Dead Earth Annuals 1996

These annuals are not Elseworlds, but due to the theme, many ended up reading like one. Some were more successful at it than others. Internet comic fans seem to agree that this crop of annuals turned up more stinkers than usual. Consider yourself warned.


Tangent is a shared universe in which things happened differently than in our own or in the DC Universes. Most stories read ok on their own, but are taken better as a whole. Again, these are not technically Elseworlds, but the effect for fans like me is the same.


The big DC vs Marvel crossover resulted in some stories that have enough of an Elseworld feel to include them in this list. Individual issues can be read and understood without too much difficulty.

For more information see
Who's Who in Amalgam

Other Crossovers

Naturally not in continuity (for the most part), these stories don't really fit anywhere. So I'm listing as many as I know about here. Crossovers are a mixed bag, I personally don't pick them up unless characters I like are involved. WARNING: This list is not complete!

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