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The first time I saw pinups of John Carter I wondered how an artist could draw something like beautiful and much fantasy in one vision!!
Nooo..that is not true...the first image I saw was the image below. And after that the name Jusko just took place in my head and when I DID see those images of John Carter I just knew...

So when i saw a miniserie (BloodLust) drawn by this huge man I just had to have that! It was a journey through those pages and when Joe Jusko came to the Netherlands I had him sign a virgin cover of BloodLust for me. It was so impressive to see suc a huge guy and those huge hands who could draw such amazing things with such love and devotion...

cover of Sad Wings Of Destiny
Vampirella by Joe Jusko
cover of Sad Wings Of Destiny
Miscellaneous pictures

John Carter and Dejah Thoris

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