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At the feet of Christ the first took her vow.

The Warring Sister.

Protector of the Faith.

Avenger of the Holy See.

By blood and honor, the bearer of the Spear of Destiny.


The story goes that after the crucifiction and resurrection of Christ, Mary Magdalen --reputed prostitute by the Bible, in reality love and wife of Jesus-- gave birth to a daughter, Sarah. From this child is descended the holy lineage of the Magdalena, a royal bloodline (members of the royal houses of Benjamin and David) that passes on from mother to daughter great power and great honor.

The Magdalena have the ability to see in the hearts of men, to show them the error of their ways and to redeam their sins. They are always one in a generation, alone to stand and take arms against the evils of the world and by opposing end them. Apart from the powers she is born with, the Magdalena wields the Spear of Destiny, the javelin that pierced the side of Christ, as a holy and formidable weapon against the twisted and the evil.

The Magdalena’s power is a fraction of the power of the ancient kings from whom she is descended, who had great powers. As can be seen from this the church’s interpretation of events differs from that given by the descendants of MM, passed from mother to daughter up to Arianne. The Vatican knows the truth and they want to keep it secret, if it were to become common knowledge the church would fall.
Since medieval times, the Catholic Church has been the Magdalena's employer. They raise her as a child and train her until she is ready to take hold of her destiny. It is the Inquisition, a secret but powerful council of cardinals, that selects the missions the Magdalena is sent on.

We have encountered three Magdalena in the Top Cow universe.

The first was Sister Rosalia.

She was sent on a mission to investigate mysterious murders and strange occurances around Paris, France. After discovering that the ancient breed of Vampiri have been making victims among an innocent orphanage near the City of Light, she tracks down the vampires to their hideaway in an exentric nightclub. But rather than the story her superiors fed her, she comes to some starteling and tragic conclusions about the true intentions of the vampires and about her employers, the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, dark plots are readied in the highest echelons of that church and Magdalena finds herself fighting for more than her life. But not against an expected enemy...

[appears in the 3 issue Blood Divine mini-series, by Marcia Chen and Joe Benitez, collected now in tpb]

Having been raped as a young girl, sister Rosalia had a daughter called Mariella, the second Magdalena.

After her mother?s passing, she continued on the legacy of the Magdalena. Sheltered all her life behind the thick walls of the Vatican, she finds herself now being sent on her first mission to the Babylon of modern times, New York City. Her cause is simple: destroy Jackie Estacado, the prince of the Darkness. But she is thrust into battle unprepared, with only her faith and the Spear of Destiny to guard herself from the Demon Darkness. Not yet having received the blessed Baptism of the Magdalena and endowed with the power of the Celestial Light, was this one-woman crusade against the Darkness not intended as a suicide mission?

[appears in The Darkness #15, 16, 17, 18 by Malachy Coney and Joe Benitez, also collected in the Spear of Destiny tpb, later she re-appears in the Magdalena / Angelus one-shot, by Marcia Chen and Brian Ching, collected in the Blood Divine tpb]

The last and most recent Magdalena is called Patience. She recieves her calling from Kristof, her mentor, while ending a fugue through New York City with a newfound friend, a homeless girl called Rowan Barry. These events, along with Rowan's abduction, lead the young Patience to her destiny. But a highly evil force has awakened in our world and only the Magdalena can stand up to it.

Another sighting of Patience is when Sara Pezzini, NY cop and wielder of the Witchblade, is attacked by a bloodthirsty demon, posing as a young woman. Sara finds that this enigmatic Magdalena might prove a valuable ally against an unspeakable evil that roams the streets of NY...

[appears in Magdalena/Vampirella #1 by David Wohl and Joe Benitez and in Witchblade #62, 63, 64, 65 by David Wohl and Francis Manapul and also in the new Magdalena mini-series by Brian Holguin and Eric Basaldua]

other characters:

Cardinal Innocent
A high-placed figure in the Holy Roman Church. He answers to the Inquisitors in the Vatican, but manipulates them to his own agenda. A sinister man, powerful beyond measure, who wishes to end the Magdalena bloodline, since it was prophecised that one of she would bring an end to the evils within the Church. In this endeavour, he is determined not to fail, no matter the cost.

Father Jasper
Priest to a small country church in Belgium, the naďve Jasper discovers hidden behind his altar, some remarcable ancient christian artefacts, as well as a letter from a sister Magdalena in the 13th century to her newborn daughter, explaining the truth about the false Church which corrupts the true faith of Christ. He brings this letter to Cardinal Innocent, who in this sees the motivation for his vile plan to irradicate the lineage of Magdalena.

The Vampiri
A group of humans, infected with a lethal retrovirus that attacks their immunesystems and destroys cells in their blood. They need to drink blood to survive. The Church sees them as an unholy, perverse threat and wants to annihilate their kind. The Magdalena is sent on this mission, but along the way discovers the vampiri are not evil, in fact that her real enemy is, to date, an unseen one.

The Garduna
Ruthless, faithfull warriors, loyal to only the Inquisitors. Not benign saviours like the Magdalena, rather hooded, merciless executioners. Believed to be originated from Spanish mercenaries under employ of the Inquisition in the 16th century. They will serve the Magdalena if ordered so. They will murder the Magdalena if ordered so as well.

The Sisterhood of Magdalena
A holy order of sisters who live solely to aid and prepare the Magdalena of their generation. They are also skilled in combat and will be ever faithfull to God and his instrument on Earth, the Magdalena. It is they who perform the Holy Rite of Consignment, which is the sainted ritual that passes on the powers that are the birthright of the Blessed Sister, descendant to Mary Magdalen.

Kristof, Captain of the Guard of the Knights of Malta
This soldier of exceptional merit in the Crusader Order of Malta, has the difficult task to train and guide the young Magdalena. Skilled in various martial arts, he is assigned to protect her to the death and is fiercely loyal to his pupil.

The Darkness
Maffia enforcer Jackie Estacado is the most recent heir to this age-old curse that takes hold of it's bearer at age 21. The arcane power of the Darkness manifests itself as the ability to control the shadows and to create anything at will fromout pure darkness. In theory, the power can be used for both good or evil, but seeing as the Darkness is a ravenous and cruel power of destruction, the result is more often than not, evil. The natural enemy of the Darkness is the Angelus, a being of Light that has similar powers, but only by day, whereas the Darkness is only powerful at night.

The Witchblade
Sara Pezzini, a NY city police-officer, found herself the latest wielder of the ancient mystical weapon called the Witchblade. It is an artifact of divine or extra-terrestrial descent, that bonds with it's female wielder. These wielders are not blood-descendants of eachother, as with the Darkness (a sworn enemy of the Witchblade), but rather chosen by the Witchblade for exceptional strength. As the wielder controls the Blade, it's actions are directed by her character, though the Witchblade, hungry for power, seems fond of perverting the pureness that lies within. Thus a question arises: who controls who?

'The Magdalena' was created by Malachy Coney and Joe Benitez.

'Information from' The Convent of Magdalena

'Information and background from' Top Cow

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