Rising Stars: Born In Fire TPB 1 (#1-8; J. Michael Straczynski; art=Keu Cha, Christian Zanier)
Rising Stars is the story of the "Specials," a group of 113 children who gained superpowers when a fireball struck the town of Pederson, Illinois in the late 1960s. As soon as the children -- who were in utero at the time of the crash -- begin to develop their abilities, the world takes notice, and the U.S. government begins monitoring them.
Rising Stars: Power TPB 2 (#9-16; J. Michael Straczynski; art=Christian Zanier, Brent Anderson)
Continues the tale of the Specials as they wage war between themselves and the rest of the world.
Rising Stars: Fire and Ash TPB 3 (#17-24; J. Michael Straczynski; art=Brent Anderson)
Writer J. Michael Straczynski's superhero tour-de-force reaches its stunning conclusion as the final fate of the 113 "Pederson Specials" is revealed.
Rising Stars: Visitations TPB 4 (Rising Stars 0, Rising Stars , Rising Stars Preview, Rising Stars Prelude; a Keu Cha, Gary Frank, Christian Zanier, David Finch)

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