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Siobhan (pronounced Shee-Vaughn) McDougal wanted to take her birthright -which her father denied her cause of her being a woman- as the firstborn of the clan, and started a ritual that would grant her great powers but was distracted by her brother Bevan, so that mystic forces banished her to a netherworld where a Crone found her and took pity and made her the Silver Banshee.
The Banshee was commanded to retrieve a magical book sold by her uncle before she could revenge herself on her brother and uncle. Superman encountered her in Metropolis searching for the book, and needed the Martian Manhunter's help to avoid being killed by her wail.
A second time the Banshee appeared in Metropolis, leaving when Bevan appeared. After Batman found and gave the missing book to Superman, the Banshee - and her brother and uncle - was apparently destroyed by the Crone, when the Crone decided the family still suffered from pride.
But Superman would encounter the Banshee again, when Blaze tried using the Banshee to kill Superman. Later the Banshee was used by another demon (actually the ancestor of SB) who was plotting to replace Blaze.

First Appearance:
Action Comics #595 (Dec. 1987)
Further Appearances:
Action Comics #662
JLA: The Nail #2
Supergirl (1996) vol. 2 #10, 11, 12, 47
Superman (1986) vol. 4 #17, 23, 96
Superman: Man of Steel #131 "Ending Battle 7/8" [Storyline continues in MOS 130 (3/8), ACTION COMICS 795 (4/8) #796 (8/8)]
Superman: Man of Tomorrow #15
Superman: Silver Banshee #1, 2 (written by Dan Brereton and drawn by Joyce Chin)
It is the night of Halloween and Lois Lane has a 'killer' of a lead...which ends up dead. Silver Banshee wants to get rid of her curse and the Crone sends her from the Netherworld to Earth and meet the last surviver of her bloodline, who is the only one to lift the Banshee's curse willingly. But she must make sure that no harm will come to this relative. When travelling through the mists Banshee gets trapped by a witch who also trapped Lois mere minutes before. Soon after Superman comes to the rescue, demons fight and SB merges with the last of her bloodline and while saving eachothers backs the two end up staying merged...
Superman Villains Secret Files #1
Action Comics #820
When Superman is present at the funeral of a photographer, who died because he got caught in the crossfire of battling superheroes, the Silver Banshee crashes the 'party' from the Netherworld...
Elseworld Appearances:
Wonder Woman #175 (Earth-806 Silver Banshee) Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1
Legends of The World's Finest 1, 2, 3 (Superman/Batman by Dan Brereton)
The one that lead the curse on Banshee is somehow revived and cooks up a cunning plan (together with Silver Banshee) in which the personalities of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Clark Kent (Superman) are magically being swapped bit by bit. The goal is to create a warrior so great he can best the demon queen Blaze who wants SB's ancestor returned to her pits. SB works along because she is promised absolution from her curse and the darkened Superman...In the end all the good in the world wins...but barely!!!

Ending Battle (8 Parts)

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