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THE TONY DANIELS checklist!!!

X-Force Annual #2

X-Force #28, 30-36, 38-41, 43

Gambit & the X-ternals #1-2

Shattered Image #1, 4

Spawn: 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48

Spawn Bloodfeud: 1, 2, 3, 4 and the prologue to Bloodfeud in the regular Spawn #?? where the Curse gets beaten up by the Monsterhunter.

Tales of the Witchblade: 9 (pirate Witchblade Anne Bonny)

Witchblade 78, 79

F5 are two teams of ex-Navy Seals who are part of a covert team of spy and combat specialists who protect the world from some of its most evil and dastardly minds.
F5: Preview, Origin, 1, 2, 3, 4

Silke: 1-4

As a participant in a secret CIA experiment, agent Sandra Silke’s genetic structure is altered, giving her the ability to morph her appearance to almost any form she can imagine. When she discovers what the Agency has in mind for her and the handful of other agents who have undergone the treatment, Sandra rebels. Now on the run, framed for murders she didn’t commit, and struggling with powers she can barely control, Sandra Silke must go on the offensive against her former bosses before the government of the United States is destroyed from within.

Adrenalynne: 1-4

During the Cold War, the Russians created the perfect covert weapon; incredible strength, speed, and stealth within a single human body. After several prototypes are hidden away in the U.S., Project Adrenalynn discovers a teenage girl named Sabina Nikoli and turns her into the ultimate weapon. Now, she’s been found in the U.S. and reactivated to destroy the killer prototypes, but once her job’s done, her creators want her dead as well.

Tenth Configuration (sourcebook)

Tenth Abuse of Humanity: 1-4
Tenth Zero
Tenth 1/2
Tenth Special (collecting 1/2 and zero)
Tenth ongoing 1-14
The Tenth: Blackout 1-4
Tenth Black Embrace 1-4
Tenth Evils Child 1-4
Tenth Resurrected 1-4

Tombraider 35, 36

Humankind 1-5

The Tenth: Darkk Dawn #1

The story starts in an experimental town called Springdale, where amazing discoveries in cancer research have been unlocked through the incredible genius of Rhazes Darkk. Everyone who lives there either is a patient or works for Darkklon. But special agent, Victor DeLeon infiltrates the deep-seeded organization an uncovers other-worldly secrets!
Darkklon isn't a laboratory for curing diseases, it's ground zero for an alien takeover! Victor is captured and turned into a creature that will hold the keys to Earth's future. Rhazes Darkk crash landed on earth in the 1960's from a distant planet, carrying the 10 essential life-generating elements that will guarantee his extinct alien race's survival. Victor carries the 10th and final ingredient to complete Darkk's scheme. In order to escape, Victor must first face some of Rhazes Darkk's other creations...KillKrow, Blackspell, Gozza and others must be fought!
But he gets away with the help of outside sources and meets...Esperanza and her girlfriend Zorina. Esperanza, who we later learn is a hybrid experiment of Rhazes Darkk while she was still a fetus has a special connection with Victor, who in monster form is known as the "Tenth." Together, they thwart Rhazes' plans of a global takeover....

Click here to go to the website of Tony Daniel...creator of The 10th, F5, Adrenalyne! The Tenth (first mini-series): 1, 2, 3, 4
Tenth ongoing #1
The Tenth: The Black Embrace TPB (collecting 1-4)
The Tenth: The Black Embrace: 4 (cover by Daniels/Drew and autographed by Daniels)
"Espy accidentally discovers that her parents' secret path is more than she can handle. Just how involved was Rhazes Darkk in her upbringing?"
Esperanza del Toro has never been what you would call a "normal" girl. Her psychic powers have branded her as a freak all her life — leading her to a companionship with an ex-CIA agent who has been mutated into a powerful, blood-drinking monster known as the Tenth, and pitting the two of them against an ever-growing army of enemies even stranger than themselves. In this sequel to last year's The Tenth: Blackout, Esperanza and the Tenth face new adversaries and old, and Espy finds her psychic link with the Tenth severed — perhaps forever — leaving them both alone and at the mercy of their foes!
The Tenth: Evil Child: 1
Tenth Resurrected #3 (regular and variant)
(Tony Daniel/Romano) Esperanza is resurrected from the dead after her suicide by the alien blood running in her veins, but when she sees that she’s risen from the dead, she finds she’s not as human as she once thought. And certain factions within the government don’t take too well to dead alien beings roaming the streets.
The Tenth: Resurrected: 1, 2, 3, 4

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