Beneath you will find my most favorite pictures by Michael Turner, artist of Ballistic, Witchblade and his own property Fathom. Since may 2003 he started his own company Aspen and publishes titles as Fathom, Soulfire, Ekos and Aspen.

Here is how it all began, with a tale of vamyres and werewolves, of a cyberdame and symbiotic men; a tale that makes gods gasp for breath and thus must have been drawn by Turner!!

Phantastic Ballistic pinup

cover to Ballistic #1

cover to Ballistic #2

cover to Ballistic #3

interior: overview

interior: an angel

interior: an angel?

From here Turner went to draw Witchblade, Tombraider/Witchblade and eventually created Fathom...he overcame cancer and now started his own company and it rocks!!!

Witchblade Fathom Aspen MLT

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© Witchblade, Ballistic, Wetworks Copyright TopCow productions
© Fathom Copyright Michael Turner