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These issues tell the stories of some past and future Witchblade wielders. Click on the issue number to view the cover.

#1 - November 1996
Pirate Anne Bonny, her lover, and their crew journey to an island in search of riches. When Anne leads them onto the island they find its plants and wildlife hostile, Anne is the only one who remains unharmed. They reach a waterfall and high up on a rock is the Witchblade. The party are then ambushed by Blackbeard and his men. The blade tells Anne to put it on, she does and is able to rescue her friends and defeat Blackbeard. Anne appears again in Witchblade #9.

#1/2 - June 1997
Bounty Hunter Tommi - X9 is hired by the ruler of her kingdom, Lord Gourge, to find his daughter who’s run away taking one of his prized possessions with her. Tommi tracks down the princess in the sewers and finds she’s being protected by the Witchblade which she stole from her father. The Lord’s soldiers then come crashing into the sewer, Tommi’s been used. She convinces the princess to wear the gauntlet, which calls her to destroy the guards and her father’s kingdom. With the world around them destroyed the princess invites Tommi to rebuild the land with her, she accepts.

#2 - June 1997
Annabella is a young girl of 18 living in a monastery in Sicily in 1213 AD. She is tired of her secluded existence and gets in trouble with the monks because of her rebellious behaviour. One of the monks decided to punish her by raping her, he fails and flees but through her torn clothing a royal crest can be seen on her skin. She is heir to the throne of Florence, and a threat to the cruel group, the Swamians, who want to rule all of Sicily. Her would be rapist informs the Swamians of her existence and they set out to take the monastery.
Within the monastery in the Hand of God which each monk must try on to see if they are the chosen one, resulting in death for those unworthy. Annabella enters during the ritual and the hand flies to her, she’s its chosen one. With the Witchblade she and the monks battle the Swamians, defeating them and leaving Annabella to rebuild the island.

#3 - October 1997
Part 1 of 2
New York 2097, in an age where death no longer occurs Detective John Chimu is called to the scene of a brutal double murder. Having never worked a murder before he needs help but the only cop on the force with experience of murder is Kenneth Pezzini who’s away. The only other person who could help is one Selena Alice Lauren, a former Intelligence worker and ex - con. Chimu goes downtown to find her and gets a hostile reception. When he does meet her she’s wearing something which he recognises from old NYPD files as the Witchblade, she agrees to help him.

#4 - January 1998
Part 2 of 2 John and Selena go to the scene of the first murders together and are then called to a third. Two of the victims are part of the group of five scientists who developed the drug which keeps people youthful and alive forever. Initially the drug was tested on five prison inmates, one of whom was Selena, with awful consequences. Selena knows who the killer is and they go to arrest her. Stunned by the killer’s actions John shoots her, and then realises what he’s done and what his options are and kills himself too. Selena uses the situation to her advantage and gets herself made detective.

#5 - May 1998
Present day South America - A young woman is putting on a conference with a local University to educate people about the Mayan civilisation. She’s asked by one of the crowd to share her theory on why the Maya disappeared so suddenly. She tells them of a young woman named Maitea, the daughter of the Maya king, and the city of Cerro where they lived. The civilisation was incredibly advanced, especially with astronomy. They prepared for extra terrestrials to visit and they did, bringing with them a gift of a glowing green sphere. Maitea was drawn to it like no other and while the priests and leaders fought over it it began to talk to her, asking her to take it. Before she could she was pushed aside by her father, who tried to take it but was destroyed as a result. The priests urged the people to turn on Maitea which they did but the ‘green’ protected her. However this caused chaos which the aliens overhead observed. They came back to earth and felt it was their duty to rescue the people, all except Maitea whom they could not approach. The story ends with her saying that Maitea remains even now, guarding the land and awaiting their return.

#6 - September 1998
Samantha, a girl of Celtic descent, returns to her home town after years spent as a slave in a foreign place and sees that it is dying under the Roman occupation. She is about to leave when she sees the town leader being thrown into an open sewer. She helps him up and then the two are drawn to one of the houses by a woman’s screams, she is about to be raped by a soldier. Samantha kills the three soldiers using the Witchblade.
Later she is captured and imprisoned along with the woman who was to be raped, whom she tells her story to. The time for their execution comes and Samantha manages to break free and start a revolt, but blinded by rage she allows the killing of Roman and Celt alike and burns down the whole town. Realising she has destroyed both oppressor and oppressed she leaves the town in despair.

#7 - June 1999
Part 1 of 2
Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt Princess Raquel was set to marry Prince Sallah. However, Prince Sallah loves the goddess Bastet, not his intended. Two weeks before the wedding Raquel catches Sallah and Bastet together and is consumed with jealousy. She prays to the god Anubis for help and he shows her a cave she must enter. Once in the cave Raquel finds the Witchblade.
The next day she sets a trap for Bastet using Sallah as bait…

#8 - October 1999
Part 2 of 2
Raquel’s plan fails and Bastet defeats her in battle as well as saving Sallah. Humiliated and full of rage Raquel plots another way to eliminate her rival. Meanwhile the wedding is off, Raquel’s mother forces her to apologise and give gifts as compensation. Sallah and Bastet commit to each other and Bastet makes him immortal so they can share eternity together. Raquel has an enchanted cat statue made, and when Sallah agrees to give her another chance she gives it to Bastet as a gift. As soon as Bastet touches it her life is sucked from her into the statue. Devastated, Sallah grabs Raquel and throttles her. Later he buries his beloved, vowing to find a way for them to be together again.

#9 - January 2001
Lara’s colleague who got imprisoned in Bastet’s tomb (see Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1) is actually Sallah. Having escaped the tomb he comes to New York looking for Sara Pezzini. When he finds her at a crime scene which will take her hours he takes his chance to break into her apartment and find the cat statue which she has for safe keeping (again see WB/TR #1). Back in his motel room he performs the spell to release Bastet and the two are reunited after 3000 years apart. Upon hearing that Sara is the Witchblade wielder Bastet wants revenge.
Sara and Julie are at a club when Sallah and Bastet find them. Bastet takes on Sara, ending with Sara falling to the ground from a high platform. Bastet presumes she’s dead and goes to heal Sallah, who’s no longer immortal. With the last of her power she heals him, before telling him that she has given up immortal life so the two can share a mortal life together.

Tomb Raider/Witchblade #1
Lara Croft is on the trail of a winged demon in New York, it trashes several apartments and Lara follows it, guns blazing. The NYPD show up and Lara is taken to the station for questioning by Detective Sara Pezzini. Lara and Sara team up to try and find the demon and its master. They take on the demon together and a friendship is formed. This is the first appearance of Lara Croft in comic book form.

Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1/2
- Vendetta.
Lara and Sara are on the trail of another killer who appears to be using the demon gem which first brought the two heroines together (see above). Together they again work to stop the killings and the demon before any more havoc is caused.

Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1
-The Curse of Bastet.
Sara joins Lara in London to track down a woman who’s stolen an idol of the Goddess Bastet which Lara recently retrieved from an Egyptian pyramid. The woman uses the idol to try to giver herself the power of Bastet but instead summons the Goddess. Lara and Sara must battle to trap the Goddess in the idol once more. The back story for this issue is in Tales of the Witchblade #7 and #8, and is continued in Tales of the Witchblade #9