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The Works of

Here are some examples of my projects and hobby
cylon bar

ebas design A tribute to artist Eric Basaldua.

ipdc design A setup for an Islamitic organisation, who want to maintain an open and positive dialogue between various cultural and religous parties.

fogel design Gallery of projects; done for a creative person who works with textile and clay, creates graphics etc.

provincie design A setup for the competence center for the Providence of North-Brabant, via which communications with the teammembers and the internal clients can be maintained.

marvelzombies design A tribute to comicbookserie "Marvel Zombies"

brereton design A checklist page for artist Dan Brereton.

kabuki design A reflective site for comicbook serie Kabuki by David Mack.

hackslash design A site containing every single bit of information on comicbookserie "Hack/Slash".

darkness design A tribute page for comicbook character "The Darkness".