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RUINS 1+2: what if...MARVELS (by Ross/Busiek) happened in quit another fashion!!
What if? vol.1 7: What if the spider bit someone else?
What if? vol.1 17: What if Ghostrider/Spiderwoman/CaptainMarvel were villians?
What if? vol.1 23: What if Hulk became a Barbarian (and Jarella lives!!)?
What if? vol.2 11: What if the Fantastic Four all had the same power?
What if? vol.2 12: What if the X-men had stayed in Asgard?
What if? vol.2 14: What if Captain Marvel had not died? m!
What if? vol.2 16: What if Wolverine Battled Conan the Barbarian? !!
What if? vol.2 24: What if Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires?
What If? Elektra lived: 30
What if? vol.2 32: What if Phoenix had not died?
What if? vol.2 33: What if Phoenix rose again?
What if? vol.2 74: What if Mr. Sinister formed the X-men?

What If?: 20 (S. did not marry MJ), 21 (S. married Black Cat), 42 (S. with six arms), 61 (parents destroy S.'s family), 72 (S. is a murderer), 78 (What If The New Fantastic Four -Wolverine/Spider-Man/Gostrider/Wolverine- Remained Together?), 99 (S. and Black Cat), 45 (Barbara Ketch was Ghostrider)


What if..? Karen Page had lived?

What If? (reprint) #24 (What if Spiderman had rescued Gwen Stacy?)

wolverine "Rahne Of Terra"
wolverine "Knight Of Terra"

» Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham (Elseworld; Balent): 1, 2

» Elseworlds Finest Supergirl/Batgirl

» Robin 3000 (Elseworld mini): 1, 2

» Batman/Judge Dredd "Judgement on Gotham"

Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Superman: Kal
Written by Dave Gibbons. Illustrated by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
An "Elseworlds" tale that has Superman rocketing to earth as a baby and arriving, not in 20th Century America, but medieval England, Kal is a nicely told "what if...?" style story.
It's a fairly traditional medieval set story, featuring the lowly peasant (Kal), his high-born lady-love (Loisse), and an evil lord (Baron Luthor), with the obligatory midsummer's fair of jousting and the like thrown in, all made slightly more individual by the fact that the peasant in question happens to have superpowers. The thing never even really becomes a "superhero" story in that Kal never actually dons a costume or adopts a secret identity. But Gibbons delivers a story, with a beginning, middle and end -- if not quite a novel, the plot could nonetheless be comfortably transferred to a movie and no one would think themselves shortchanged. The story's made up of little scenes that build on each other, forming a whole.


Legends of The World's Finest 1-3: Superman/Batman getting the evil-transformation by Dan Brereton

Superman: Speeding Bullets
Once upon a time, a rocket carrying the sole survivor of an alien world landed in Gotham City. Adopted by Thomas and Martha Wayne, young Bruce was raised in a warm and loving household ... only to have it all ripped away one horrible night. Twenty years later, Bruce Wayne finds an outlet for his anger and pain, as the super-powered Batman. But will his powers be enough to stop a mad Lex Luthor? In this terrific Elseworlds, J.M. DeMatteis offers his own take on a fan-favorite alternate origin, while artist Eduardo Barreto draws a pretty dang cool SuperBat. (by Rebecca Salek)

» Batman vs. Predator I (collecting 3-issue mini)
» Batman vs. Predator II: Bloodmatch TPB (collecting 3-issue mini)
» Batman vs. Predator III "Blood Ties": 1, 2, 3, 4

» Batman / Aliens: 1, 2

» Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

» Batman/Demon
» Batman/Demon; a Tragedy

» Batman: Arkham Asylum
JLA "Seven Caskets"

» Batman vs. Dracula: Red Rain
» Batman: Blood Storm
» Batman: Crimson Mist

» Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Tenth Anniversary TPB (collecting 4-issue mini by Miller)

» Batman: Thrillkiller (Brereton): 1, 2, 3
» Batman: Thrillkiller `62: 1

» Batman: Man-Bat 1-3

Just Imagine Stan Lee creating...
* Shazam (artist Gary Frank)
* Shazam (artist Gary Frank)
* Catwoman
* Wonder Woman (artist Jim Lee)

To understand the story, you must first understand the characters that tell it. Bruce Wayne, multi-billionaire, has invested his money in an unending quest to conquer crime entering the stage as the legend-embraced Batman. Jackie Estacado is an orphan, but lately adopted by his "uncle" into the family. The family of organized crime that is! Jackie is quickly hired as the family hitman, especially since the rise of the Darkness - which is his birthright! The story begans with the murders of several well-known and resourceful crime bosses in the Gotham City area. Batman and Jim Gordon are left baffled, not only because the murderer is unindentified,but also because the murders seem to be physically impossible. Jackie Estacado and his Uncle Frankie arrive on the scene, both attempting to move in and "organize" crime (an idea that is soon discouraged), making Gotham City an organized crime syndicate. The story itself seems to be more of a pyschological discussion of the darkness and the similarities between Batman and the Darkness. Batman is seen as a legendary character to Jackie, leaving him uneasy in simply killing him. Batman acts as a father figure, attempting to mentor Jackie and encourage him to fight the Darkness, knowing that the power is possessed by the man, not the other way around. Jackie doesn't take it well, but ends up doing "good". He shows up at the police station with Jenny with plans on turning in his uncle Frankie. Outside of the events regarding Jackie and Batman, we see the interactions of Uncle Frankie and some of the more known villains of the Gotham City. These include Two Face/Harvey Dent, Killer Croc, Catwoman, and even a two-page spread of the Joker. Needless to say, Frank Franchetti really hates Gotham City. In the end, though beaten to a bloody pulp, Batman proves that the power of his own heart and mind are enough to persuade the Darkness from violence.


Tales of The Darkness #1/2
Tales of the Darkness: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Darkness Infinity
(Scott Lobdell/Roger Cruz) What if Jackie Estacado wasn't the man that was born with the legacy of The Darkness power? What if the bearer was totally unrelated to the New York mafia or anything connected to it? What you'd have is a very different and intriguing Darkness tale.

What If Jarella Had Not Died? #23
What If Wolverine Had Killed The Hulk? #31

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