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Background on the first woman ever: Lilith

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The ramblings of TW on the subject of Vampirella, Lilith and Harris take on things:

BY: TW a.k.a. Forgotten Son
Tom Williams
Forgotten Son Graphics
Island Comics, LLC

What's not to like? She's the first woman ever. She speaks the ineffable "name" and is taken to heaven from the Garden of Eden,... mostly to escape subservience to Adam... then she's sent back. Since both Adam and she were originally hermaphrodite in nature, she and her male aspect/"twin" Samael reside in the base of the "Tree of Knowledge", until Eve is taken from the rib (or seperated) from Adam. As Lilith flees Eden with her Eternal Life intact,... Samael seduces and impregnates Eve, spawning the decidedly evil Cain. (more to follow if you're interested).
There are a lot of aspects that Harris has left out of the story that might augment the historical background of Vampirella. They have set it up that she was "spontaneously" created by Lilith, during a phase where she sought to return to Eden and resurrect the Garden. Vampirella was created to destroy the offspring of Lilith who came before here... sort of the first "slayer" if you will (and much more attractive than Buffy or Blade).

Once impregnated with Cain and his twin sister Luluwah (according to Jewish apocrypha) by Samael... Eve went and slept with (or share the knowledge of Good and Evil with) Adam. Since she was pregnant with the evil twins at the time, she gave us "the curse" of menstruation by her act, and also perpetrated the "original sin" with Adam, causing them to be cast out of Eden. Later she gave birth to Cain and Luluwah,... then later still to Abel and his twin sister, Aklia.

It is no wonder that Abel was the favorite son of Adam, since he was his "blood son". Adam surmised that the brothers should not mate with their own twin sisters, and thus ordered that Cain marry Aklia (Abel's twin) and Abel wed Luluwah.

Of course, Cain sought to wed his own twin, who was the more attractive of the two women. Adam ordered that they offer up sacrifices to God, so that he might decide the issue. Cain, who tilled the soil and genuinely wanted to impress the deity brought his best produce to lay on the alter, while Abel, being a shepherd, brought a beast that was one of his flock (though nothing really special). When God/Zeus/Jupiter (whatever) smiled upon and accepted Abel's blood offering over Cain's fruit and grain... Cain rose up and crushed his brother's head between two rock out of jealousy.

Now here comes a very integral part of the Vampirella mythos... though not really pursued yet in comics. ...

In shame, Cain tries to hide his brother's body and his deed from God, who (of course) punishes Cain with a special mark (a horn sprouting from his forehead and the curse of Eternal Life) and he departs into the desert. Adam, Eve and their progeny are faced with the problem of disposing of Abel's body, since he was the first instance of Mortality and they didn't know what to do with the corpse. Conveniently, a baby crow falls from it's nest and perishes at the foot of a nearby tee. The mother crow swoops down and claws a hole in the earth, then pushes the dead bird into it and cover it up. From this came the first buriel and the association of the crow with death and things nocturnal. Abal is entombed (buried) in the "Cave of Treasures".

Part of Cain's curse is the scourge of Vampirism, and when he encounters Lilith in the desert, they mate and give birth to countless evils. Adam, too, while estranged from Eve... mates with Lilith and produces evil giants and other types of monsters. Adam then repents and is sent to live in the "Cave of Treasures",where he dies and is entombed with Abel, then each of seven generations follow suite. They remain seperate from the descendants of Cain until ...

The end of Cain overtook him in the seventh generation of men, and it was inflicted upon him by the hand of his great-grandson Lamech.

This Lamech was blind, and when he went a-hunting, he was led by his young son, who would apprise his father when game came in sight, and Lamech would then shoot at it with his bow and arrow.

Once upon a time he and his son went on the chase, and the lad discerned something horned in the distance. He naturally took it to be a beast of one kind or another, and he told the blind Lamech to let his arrow fly. The aim was good, and the quarry dropped to the ground. When they came close to the victim, the lad exclaimed:

"Father, thou hast killed something that resembles a human being in all respects,

except it carries a horn (cornet) on its forehead!" Lamech knew at once what had happened--he had killed his ancestor Cain, who had been marked by God with a horn.

It is around this time that Lilith grows tired of living amidst the evils she has spawned and repents. She returns to Eden and decides to try and destroy her evil offspring, by creation of the twins,...Magdelene and Madek. They become corrutped and power hungry (much to our delight) and Lilth prostrates herself before God in repentance. In "miraculous" fashion she gives birth to a daughter who possesses the vampiric urges but uses them to destroy the evils of the earth. Her name is Vampirella.

Since her repentance seems genuine to God, he allows Lilith to reside in Eden and it flourishes. What she doesn't know is that she is really tucked away in the deepest darkest corner of Tartarus (Hell), and while she rules over the region, and lives off the bounty of the "River of Blood", Lilith oversees as Vampirella continues her slaying of the evil offspring. Meanwhile, the surface is being cleansed by water and the descendants of Cain are erradicated, save for the one known as Dracula (but that is another story).

Long story short,... Vampirella is freed on the earth by the evil initiate, Ptolemy... along with many other evils. Ptolemy, seeking Eternal Life, inadvertanly brings the scourge of Vampirism upon himslef and imbeds the spirit of Vampirella into the body of his sister... Cleopatra (see Warren Vampirella #36 - Vampire of the Nile.)

...well... I fear I've said too much, and I think any self-respecting Vamipirella fan will enjoy collecting and delving into her past and the many incarnations she's undergone. As for me,... I'm working on a very involved "mini-series" storyline called "Vampirella: Endless Dream" and I hope to present it to Boni and the folks at Harris very soon, complete with finished artwork. I mis-spoke in an earlier post and mentioned that I'm reviving Vampirella's sister, Evily, in the storyline. Evily is actually Vampirella's blonde bombshell cousin, who appeared only once in Warren issue #2 back in 1970.

I don't know if Harris will get behind my project, but I do have several investors and I'm going to take a healthy shot at it. Perhaps it can be presented in the "Magazine" format or as a TPB. I dunno. It is a labour of love for sure! I welcome ideas, though I won't be tipping my hand on the storyline too much. It's my goal to fill in some gaping crack in her origin and tie it all up neatly, while taking Vampirella into new territory.

Wish me luck.

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