BOOMBOOM's Pantha origin

Renaissance Man:
1. She is a sexy were-woman who can turn into a panther.
2. She is the avatar of the Egyptian god of either Bast or Sekhmet. Both are cat goddesses of the sun. Bast is the warm, nuturing side of the sun. Sekhmet is the burning, oppressive side. Pantha has been referred to as each, although she was last referred to as Bast. I'm sure the next writer who comes along will change her to whomever he sees fit. She wears a magic medallion that gives her some more powers, but this has never been explored.
3. She is a cursed Egyptian priestess of Sekhmet who is wandering the Earth for no apparent reason, unless that's part of her curse. If it is, this "curse" involves her hanging out with Vampirella and working as both a fashion model and magician's assistant. Those Egyptian goddesses sure know how to curse, don't they?

4. a panther which can turn into a gorgeous woman
5. an egyptian priest who was getting cocky and turned into an immortal panther by the gods after killing all the followers...

Aura_Jenell :
In the first Pantha series (under the old Warren era), Pantha had traced her biological heritage to Egypt where she discovered a wrecked spaceship in some ancient ruins. Then the series abruptly ended.
Later, the lose ends of that series were tied up in the regular Vampirella series – when Vamps and Pantha met and it was discovered that Pantha’s race of people were “off worlders.” Pantha found another spaceship burried near Denny Colt’s (a.k.a. “The Spirit") grave, and traveled home.
Much later it was revealed that Pantha and Vampirella are from the same home world, Drakulon – (in some of the worst writing of the Warren era).
Pantha’s history/origin hasn’t been all that consistent with Harris. . . but we do know this: she is the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess. And, in a clever twist, it’s been revealed that Pantha has a “unique kind of immortality.” If killed, she is reincarnated, and so looks different in each new incarnation and often the memories of her previous lives do not come to her until much later in life – (I think this was revealed in the Vampirella “Death Valley” run). The cleverness of this twist is that it helps to explain away all the apparent inconsistencies in Pantha’s past – why she looks different now, why she did not remember Vampirella when they first met, etc.
So, Pantha could one day be black she could be reborn in the body of a black infant.
The story, titled faster, Pussycat. Kill! Kill!, is quite a strong indictment of the abuse of women by men, a common theme in Pantha stories.

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