Eliseu "Zeu" Gouveia

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Eliseu "Zeu" Gouveia

Homepage: www.etherlair.com
Comicspace: Zeu

Date of Birth: February 9th 1971

Nationality: Portuguese

- 10 years of experience as a freelance illustration
- extensive collaborations in the world of indies through publications such as Vertigens, Fantasia,
- 1st award in the Amadora International Comics Saloon 1992 with the short story “Red Land”
- 1st award in the Amadora International Comics Saloon 1994 with the short story “Forbidden Earth”
- Author of the comic Album Medusa31-Nec Pluribus Impar (Publicações Pedranocharco 1996), winner of the Amadora Youth Award 1997
- Comic art exhibit representing Portugal in the Angoulême98 International Comics Festival
- Co-author of the didactic comic book Foz Côa-Travelling through milleniums of History (Publicações Elo ,1998)
- author of the didactic comic book Discovery at the Museum of Coffee (Publicações Elo 2000)
- author of the e-published comic “The Mirror Maiden” [ info ], available through Fictionwise Books; [click; click]
- author of the e-comic “Immortal tristara” [ info ].
- Artist of the tale "Divination", written by Joshua Gamon for issue #10 of the anthology Digital Webbing Presents; [click; click]
- Artist of "Cloudburst", written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Image comics 2003); [click; click]
- artist of the mini-series "Revenge of the Mummy" [ info ], written by Justin Gray (published in B&W by Moonstone Books); [click; click]
- Artist of the series "Genie" [ info], written by Jim Keplinger (FC9); [click]
- Artist/writer of the series "Infiniteens" [ info ], (cancelled by FC9); issue #1 and #2 came out via Moonstone Books but the sales where not good enough and it got cancelled; [click; click]
- Artist/Writer of the webcomicseries "Silversparrow" [ info ], soon to be published by AnyoneWith@goodsenseofmind; [click; click; click; click]
- Artist of the series "The Last Bastion" [ info ], written by Brandon Jerwa (supposed to come out via Speakeasy Comics, but they went belly-up); [Cover #2, 1_1, 1_2, 1_3, 1_4, 1_5,]
- Artist of the series "Project ELohIm" [ info ], written by Rebecca Hicks (published via Strange Matter Comics);
- Artist of the Sherlock Holmes story in "MOONSTONE'S HOLIDAY SUPER SPECTACULAR" [ info ];
- Artist of the series "Charlatan" [ info ], written by Gil Lawson (soon to be published by General Jinjur) via Image or Darkhorse or IDW; [click]
- Artist/writer of the 12-page "Harlekim" [ info ], all done by ZEU;
- Artist of the "Phantom" #20 [ info ], all art by ZEU; Publisher Moonstone Books
- Artist of "The Contingent" [ info ], all art done by ZEU; Written by Zack Kruse
- Artist of "The Dominion" [ info ], all art done by ZEU; Written by ??

Zeu also created an amazing tutorial!!