Sara Pezzini, born November 18, 1970 in Manhattan, New York. Her mother died when Sara was very young. Her father was murdered. When she was a child she wanted to be a cop, like Starsky and Hutch and maybe like her father who had been a cop too. And so she became one. A homicide detective at the NYPD. Her father was dead then already. Every policeman knew that following the rules left a lot of crime unsolved and a lot of criminals unpunished. Sara however wanted to really hit the crooks where it hurts and so she often followed her own rules and laws. Like when they killed her good friend Maria Buzanis and Sara intends to kill the murderer instead of turning him in. One of the most important bosses of organized crime and big business, Kenneth Irons, lives in New York too. He owns everything, including a mysterious ancient clove like weapon called Witchblade. Although he can't use the weapon he is obsessed by it and under it's influence. In order to find the person who can use it he organizes contests, hoping that one day the Witchblade finds it's owner and he, Kenneth Irons, can use the power of the weapon through that owner. By coincidence Sara Pezzini infiltrates in one of these contests and just when her partner blew their cover she comes near the Witchblade and the weapon reacts immediately. It recognizes it's owner and as soon as Sare has surrendered herself to it it revealed it's enormous power in getting itself and his wielder out of danger. From then on Sara and Witchblade live in symbioses. She tried at first to free herself but she can't. So she learns the ins and outs of her new companion. The weapon is concealed and invisible or almost invisible when inactive, but forms a deadly harness around Sara with incredible powers when alerted. Sara has to learn to cope with all these powers, which can be lethal for her too. She also finds out that evil is if far worse than she can imagine and that organized crime and criminals are the least outings of the evil she has to fight against.