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Professor Xavier created a school designed to train young mutants in the use of their powers, eventually becoming the X-men, the first five members of his team were Alex Summers (Havok), Jean grey (Ariel), Hank McCoy (the Beast), Bobby Drake (Iceman), and Warren Worthington III (the Angle). He also had a sentient robot called Cerebro who helped train the first generation of X-Men. Some years later, when Professor Xavier became too ill to lead his team, he placed the X-Men in the hands of his rival, Magneto. This decision, to entrust the well-being of the team to the man who once led the Brotherhood of evil mutants, caused great dissension in their ranks. Several members left the group, forming a separate team whose mission was to uphold the ideals taught by Xavier. This team was, for a time known as X-Factor, and its leader was Havok. After Magneto's team of X-Men returned from the Shi'ar home world, they helped Havok to defeat the evil of, the Goblin Queen.

X-Men vs Dracula: 1
X-Men vs. Brood "Earthfall" (special collecting the original Mutant Brood-story): 1
X-Men vs. Brood: Day of Wrath: 1, 2

X-Men: Mutant Genesis TPB (1-7; w Jim Lee, Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Scott Lobdell; a Jim Lee).
Magneto, the master of magnestism on a holy crusade to rescue his fellow mutantkind from the coming genetic conflagration with humanity… regardless of the cost to either side. The Acolytes, Magneto's devoted disciples, they see him as their greatest salvation. Little do they realize their zeal will carry them to the ends of earth... and above! Omega Red, product of a covert communist experiment to create a new kind of killing machine, this super-soldier's slightest touch will kill all those who stand against his mother country. All that stands between these villains and absolute chaos are the uncanny children of the atom whose powers and abilites set them apart from a humanity that hates and fears them. The mutant heroes known as... the X-Men!

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga TPB
Seemingly by a miracle, Jean Grey's life was recently saved by psychic melding with an elemental force called the Phoenix. Unfortunately, a price soon becomes apparent. At first in small ways, it starts to become obvious that the Phoenix has started to change Jean, wheather for good or ill not immediately apparent. As the obscene Hellfire Club - which makes Magneto look like a boy scout - tries to find a way to make use of Jean, it slowly becomes evident that the power of the Phoenix is becoming beyond her control. This time, not even her teammates - not even Scott - may be able to save her.
This story is still powerful, and younger readers should be aware that, at the time, it sent shockwaves through the comic reading world because nothing like the tragic resolution had ever been done before. It was grim indeed.
There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. As the remaining X-Men grieve, a young girl hesitantly arrives at Xavier's to begin schooling - a girl who had a peripheral involvement in the Phoenix events. She's Kitty Pryde, who will eventually become the love of Colossus' life, like a foster daughter to Storm and like a little sister to Nightcrawler.
Newer fans will be surprised in particular by the beginning of Kurt and Kitty's friendship. "I don't think the little Fraulein likes me", Kurt notes to himself during the calm before the storm. The matter is dropped in the whirlwind of events, but it will come back to haunt them both. The truth is that Kitty, in spite of her best efforts to hide it, WAS a bit frightened by Kurt for quite some time. It would take alot of mental conditioning on her part and patience and sensitivity on his before she became his fiercely adoring Katzchen.

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X-Men: From The Ashes TPB (collecting 168-176)
A grieving Scott Summers lost his true love Jean Grey, when she killed herself to save the world from the overpowering Phoenix. Now he's met Madeline Pryor, who has an uncanny likeness to his former love...very uncanny!
Meanwhile, Wolverine prepares for his marriage to the Japanese beauty, Mariko; Storm gets a new look and becomes the leader of a unlikely group of mutants; Kitty starts exploring her love for Peter/Colossus; and an enemy seeks help from the X-Men.

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Uncanny X-men: Days Of Future Past #141+142
This semi-classic story begins in the early 21st Century. North America is enslaved by the robotic Sentinels who have captured or killed all super-powered beings. The remnants of the X-Men hatch a plan to send the mind of Kate Pryde back to modern times, to occupy her younger self's body. Her task: to warn the X-Men of this nightmare future, and get them to prevent the assassination of mutant-hating senator, Robert Kelly, by the new Brotherhood of Evil act which precipitates the re-activation of the Sentinels and brings about the future. While the modern day X-Men (comprised of Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Angel, and Prof. X) attempt to halt the killing, the future version of the team continue their sabotage against the Sentinels.
This particularly strong, if grim, X-tale nicely interweaves the two stories/timelines for an effective adventure-drama, with a good blend of character drama, mood, and action. The future scenes are especially atmospheric and memorable. Mythos-wise, it's notable as the first appearance of the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the introduction of this grim, possible future that would play a part in later issues, and the first appearance of the future-born Rachel Summers who, likewise, would, much later, actually become a part of the modern team for a while.

Xmen/FF TPB "Days of Future Present" (UXM Annual #14, Fantastic Four Annual #23, NM Annual #6, X-Factor Annual #5)
"HE TRAVELS TO THE PAST to warn them of the future. But is he the greatest threat of all?" Young Franklin Richards, the son of the Fantastic Four's Reed and Susan Richards, isn't so young when he appears in New York City all grown up. After smashing Four Freedoms Plaza and deleting X-Factor's headquarters from existence, Franklin leads the heroes on a merry chase while a hunter from the future named Ahab tries to destroy them all.


New X-Men: E is for EXTINCTION: tpb collecting # 114-117

E Is For Extinction (114-117, Annual 2001; w Grant Morrison; a Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver, Leinil Francis Yu). [The first printing only collects 114-117. Annual 2001 was added to the second printing, but the double-page spread on pp.32-33 has been cut down the middle and p.41 is left out entirely.—JY The Morrison Manifesto was also removed from the second printing. From Marvel Comics: The threat of the mutant menace has reached a point where ordinary citizens must take up the fight on which the governments of the world have been lax! An evolutionary biologist and a dentist travel to South America and uncover a city populated by a technology unlike any the world has seen... and unleash its deadly force on an unsuspecting mutant population. All in a day's work for the X-Men, right? Dead wrong. In the critically-acclaimed debut of writer Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) and penciller Frank Quitely (The Authority), the X-Men will face an opponent unlike any before, and be forced to make some of the most difficult decisions they've ever faced. Can even some of the most powerful beings on the planet withstand the coming storm?] Old Book of the Week 11/26/03

Imperial (118-126; w Grant Morrison; a Igor Kordey, Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver). [From Marvel Comics: The world is changing. Mutants will be called freaks. Genetic monstrosities. They will be mocked, feared, spat upon and accused… of stealing human jobs, eating human food, taking human partners. But they are emerging in the inner cities, in the suburbs, in the deserts and in the jungles. They will need teachers, people who can help them overcome their anger and show them how to use thei strange gifts responsibly. They will need the X-Men! But as protestors lay siege to the Xavier Institute, mutant mentor Professor X lies in a coma... dying, trapped within the shattered form of his evil twin! Cassandra Nova inhabited Xavier's body and escaped to the stars in the wake of her initial encounter with the X-Men; now, the psionically empowered psychopath is returning to Earth—possessed of the most powerful mutant mind on the planet, and with the might of the Shi'ar Imperium at her back! She brought an interstellar empire to its knees—can even the X-Men hope to halt her mad rampage?]

New Worlds (127-133; w Grant Morrison; a Igor Kordey, John Paul Leon, Phil Jimenez, Ethan Van Sciver). [From Marvel Comics: His name is Charles Xavier… and he is a mutant. For years, Professor X was widely regarded as an authority on genetic mutation, and an advocate of peaceful relations between man and mutant. The general public was unaware he possessed superhuman powers until the psionically empowered psychopath Cassandra Nova—his twin sister—addressed the global media while in possession of her brother's body and broke his decades-long silence. But in attempting to expose Xavier to his enemies, she unwittingly freed him from his self-imposed exile. In just over a year, writer Grant Morrison has challenged every X-Man reader's expectations, revoking every unwritten "law" of the series. In New X-Men Vol. 3, Morrison takes the mutant heroes to new heights... and new worlds. From the teeming city streets of New York's Mutant Town to the irradiated ruins of the island nation Genosha, once a haven for mutants, the X-Men set out to heal the rift between humanity and Homo superior— only to uncover a terrifying new threat to both species!]

Riot at Xavier’s (134-138; w Grant Morrison; a Frank Quitely). [From Marvel Comics: The X-Men are a worldwide team of mutant volunteer workers gifted with new evolutionary talents. They are a rescue and emergency force of the front lines of the genetic battlefield of the 21st century. Founded and financed by the brilliant telepath Professor Charles Xavier, the X-Men are forever sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them. But on the homefront, there's trouble brewing at the Xavier Institute—a school established to teach young mutants how to use their powers responsibly. One of the newest X-Men, Xorn—a healer who was imprisoned in China before coming Xavier's—has been chosen to teach a special class for some of the Institute's more difficult students. One such student is the Xavier Institute's most promising pupil, the Omega-level telepath Quentin Quire. Having just learned he was adopted, and in midst of what may be secondary mutation, Quentinhas decided everything in the world is a lie. Now, with a growing habit for a new drug called Kick, Quentin is quickly becoming more powerful than the X-Men could ever imagine.]

Assault on Weapon Plus (139-145; w Grant Morrison; a Phil Jimenez, Chris Bachalo). [From Marvel Comics: More secrets of the world’s deadliest mutant are exposed! Wolverine, Cyclops and the enigmatic mutant known as Fantomex travel to the other side of the world and beyond in search of the keys to their pasts. However, what they find within the deadly Weapon X program may be more frightening than their worst nightmares!]

Planet X (146-150; w Grant Morrison; a Phil Jimenez). [From Marvel Comics: The X-Men thought he was dead. But the team’s greatest adversary Magneto was simply in hiding, waiting in secret deep cover to make a move against the team that has thwarted his ambitions again and again. But WHERE he was hiding will shatter the lives of everyone at Xavier’s Mansion, if they even survive his latest attack. Plus, Wolverine discovers more secrets about his mysterious past and Jean Grey moves dangerously close to being consumed by the all-powerful Phoenix Force.]

Here Comes Tomorrow (151-154; w Grant Morrison; a Marc Silvestri). [From Marvel Comics: Featuring the return of legendary X-Men artist Marc Silvestri. In a tale inspired by the classic "Days of Future Past," meet the X-Men from 150 years in our future. While some faces may seem familiar, readers will have the chance to discover all-new X-Men heroes and villains for the very first time. What incredible force threatens to destroy the mutants of the future -- and how will it affect the X-Men of today?]

This series reverts to X-Men, which is actually a replacement for the Chuck Austen Uncanny X-Men book. Astonishing X-Men was originally conceived as the continuation of the Morrison New X-Men, and is just that in every way but title. New X-Men: Academy X, which began at the same time, is a continuation of New Mutants Volume 2. Got all that?

New X-Men #155- 160

X-Men/Ghostrider "Brood Trouble in the Big City"

Archangel "Phantom Wings"


Marvel and DC Present featuring The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans
This company crossover is an entertaining, fast paced little romp, as the different teams find their separate investigations dove tail, taking them from New York to New Mexico to the end of the Universe and back again, to battle the evil cosmic baddie, Darkseid, lord of the planet Apokolips. Darkseid has nasty plans for earth, and with the help of Titans' foe, the Terminator, has conjured up a kind of doppleganger of the then-still-deceased Dark Phoenix to help him put them into effect.

X-MEN Unlimited #35 (cover by Keu Cha and story-art by Dave Finch and Amanda Connor)

X-men wedding album 1

Wolverine X-isle: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
(--/Lucas) Intending to spend a rare carefree moment at a carnival with his beloved stepdaughter Amiko, Wolverine shows a violent side of himself that sends the young girl running in fear. Unable to face what he's done, Logan is propelled into a soul-searching adventure he may not be able to escape. What did he do? And what did young Amiko see?
wolverine "Rahne Of Terra"
wolverine "Knight Of Terra"

Mystique: 1, 1 (Marvel Previews reprint), 7
Mystique the sultry mutant shapeshifter, who has stood against the X-Men in battle after battle, is offered the chance at a new life when Professor X recruits her to complete a dangerous mission in Cuba. Can this former mutant-rights terrorist who can disguise herself as anyone on the planet be trusted? In this story of international intrigue and redemption, the sexy Mystique may surprise everyone, including herself.

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